NCAA Football Betting Lines Released by Golden Nugget

The Golden Nugget released betting lines for 250 NCAA Football games for 2013. Alabama is favored to win every single game it plays this year.
The Golden Nugget released betting lines for 250 NCAA Football games for 2013. Alabama is favored to win every single game it plays this year.

Thanks to the Golden Nugget releasing its betting lines for this year’s NCAA football season, you can legally bet on college football once again. Not every game was covered in the lines released, but 250 of the biggest match ups of the season now have a point spread that you can bet on.

Odds makers like Alabama’s chance at capturing a third straight BCS National Championship, favoring the two time defending national champions in every game they play this season. The Crimson Tide come in as at least a 17 point favorite in every game but two they will play this year. A three score margin is an indication that Las Vegas doesn’t think Alabama will have much trouble running through the field this year, and all will be business as usual as they set their eyes on a three peat.

Strangely enough the defending champions are not the only team to go into the season as the favorite to win all of its games. Georgia, Louisville, Ohio State, and Oregon are also favored to win each time they step onto the field. They may not be favored by three plus scores week in and week out, but nonetheless odds makers have predicted that there should be five undefeated teams at season’s end. This is extremely unlikely to happen, and would make for a crazy race to a national title that only two teams can play for.

Las Vegas certainly holds the Crimson Tide and Head Coach Nick Saban in high regard, as the team has now been favored to win its last 41 games. Winning has become a habit in Alabama recently, and they are completely justified in forgetting what it feels like to go into a game as the underdog.

The news isn’t as cheerful for all division one schools as they examine the Golden Nugget’s first wave of betting lines for this year’s NCAA football season. Iowa for instance, finds itself going into every game it is listed for on the 250 games released as an underdog. Four of those games see a double digit spread, making it seem highly unlikely that the Hawkeyes make much noise this season.

Betting lines don’t determine the season of course, and just because the Golden Nugget released what it thinks will happen in the NCAA football season, we don’t have all the answers until the games are played. For all we know, Iowa could wind up running the table and competing for a title at season’s end, while Alabama falls off the table and misses bowl games entirely. Although that almost certainly won’t be the case, a few upsets are sure to shake things up throughout the season.

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