Nelson Mandela in Critical Condition Returned to Hospital


Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela age 95 at home after being released from a 2 week hospital stay


Nelson Mandela, the first Black African president of post-apartheid South Africa is in critical condition and has been returned to the hospital in intensive care. He is being treated for a lung infection and was hospitalized for two weeks on June 8, 2013. His birthday was June 18, and the esteemed leader and beloved emancipator turned 95 years old.

“The doctors are doing everything possible to get his condition to improve and are ensuring that Madiba is well-looked after and is comfortable… He is in good hands.” says President Jacob Zuma. His grand-daughters have previously asked for privacy during this time of their grandfather’s health crisis. Mandela retired from public life in 2004, but due to his powerful legacy, remains a public icon, with the world watching and praying for his recovery.


The lung infection is most likely a result of damaged lungs, that were scarred from tuberculosis. Mandela contracted the disease while working a quarry in Robben Island in the 1980’s. Nelson Mandela had been imprisoned for 27 years as a political prisoner of the White Apartheid regime.


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