North Korea Changes Attitude and is Willing to Negotiate

The government of North Korea is proposing high level nuclear and security talks with the U.S; but not with South Korea

North Korea Changes Attitude and is Willing to Negotiate

The government of North Korea is proposing high-level nuclear and security talks with the United States. The announcement came as a surprise, because North Korea was planning on meeting with South Korea, but the plans fell down.

The National Defense Commission stated that the talks should relax the tensions in the Korean Peninsula.
Kim Jong-un is the leader of North Korea, he is only 30 years old, an since he took power has been threatening United States and South Korean with launching nuclear weapons.

For a while Korea has been playing the role of provocateur with United States and South Korea, making serious threats that have been hurting the trilateral relationship among the nations.

China has been an ally for North Korea, they share some views and are important trade partners in the region, however, Xi Jinping´s visit last week in California open a new bridge of coöperation between the U.S and China, that might have a game-changer in North Korea´s new attitude

North Korea showed its anger to the United Nations, when sanctions were imposed, after several nuclear test.

After the nuclear tests North Korea made threats of a nuclear war against its rival South Korea.
This time the United Nations were very hard with the sanctions.

The White House remains clearly skeptical about North Korean´s attempts to bring peace in the region, and is playing a very cautions role. Before in 2012, Pyongyang said, they won´t do more tests with nuclear weapons and a few weeks later they were using them again.

North Korea wants to participate in the denuclearization, but such needs to include South Korea also. Both countries were separated after the World War II.

If they talk at some point, there shouldn´t be any precondition and North Korea needs to go with an open mind to follow the instructions of United States.

Washington has said too that they aren´t willing to holding talks for the sake of talks, because Pyongyang has to commit and take actions after its promises.

The talks will include some issues, such as easing the military tensions on the peninsula; North Korea wants also a peace treaty that will put an end to the Korean War that split the two Koreas; and probably a another treaty for a world free of weapons.

Certainly, North Korea has changed its attitude, surely there will be talks, for how long Kim Jong Un will keep his word, that´s something that we don´t know, because until now, he is well known for his ambiguous strategies regarding foreign policies.

By: Oskar Guzman
Source: Reuters

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