One-Run For Boston Race Nears Finish

The One-Run for Boston relay race is nearing the finish line.
The One-Run for Boston relay race is nearing the finish line.

Runners participating in the One-Run for Boston cross-country relay race strode through Pomfret, Connecticut today around 2 p.m. local time. The runners are nearing Copley Square, where the finish line is located.

The race is designed to raise money for those affected by the Boston Marathon bombing that occurred earlier this year. Initially anticipated to finish around 7:30 local time today, the race is running slightly behind schedule, but is still making good pace as the runners near the finish.

Non-stop and cross-country, the relay covers an extraordinary 3,300 miles before reaching the finish line. Currently expected to finish around 12:30 tomorrow, being five hours behind isn’t too bad when one considers how far contestants in the One-Run for Boston race have had to go to even be this near the finish line.

Organizer Kate Treleaven holds the same view on the race, saying that the runners “are doing great and luckily no one is getting stressed about it. Everyone is in such good spirits. To only be five hours behind after all these miles isn’t too bad really.”

Unlike many races, the One-Run for Boston relay began with 300 starting points covering 14 states before nearing the finish line in Connecticut today. The official starting point was in Los Angeles, California. Each section of the race had a designated length, and people could sign up in groups and run together. Most participants in the race were given a section of roughly ten miles long.

Treleaven reports that more people than anticipated have continued to join in the race throughout each leg. Although this has caused managing the race to be slightly more difficult, and perhaps contributed to the race falling behind schedule, it has proven great for raising money for the Boston Marathon victims.

In terms of fund raising, the One-Run for Boston relay has already achieved great things, despite not yet reaching the finish line. Just shy of 2,000 people have donated as a result of the race, and the amount of money raised is over $75,000 according to the event’s website today.

The final legs of the race will see One-Run for Boston trek across New York City and the World Trade Center memorial site before joining up with the last mile of the Boston Marathon. About 650 runners have currently signed up to complete the final 26.2 mile leg that should take an estimated four hours to finish.

One-Run for Boston has been a cool and effective fund raiser for a tragic event, it is now nearing its finish, but if you are in the area it is not too late to join the fun.

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