Palin Says Let Allah Sort it Out


We always knew that Sarah, “half-governor,” Palin had an ego bigger than Alaska, and we were aware she did not support John McCain, but now she is proving it.  I agree with her that we should not intervene in Syria, and, as she says “let Allah sort it out,” but I disagree with her racist reasons.

In a speech today, she said: “Until we have a commander in chief who knows what he is doing, let Allah sort it out!” she told the Faith and Freedom Coalition.  I know her, and there is no reasoning behind her statements.  That’s why she is forced to attempt being cute.  Her only reason is that she hates everyone who is part of the Islamic faith.

It frightens me to think that she could have been one heartbeat away from the presidency.  For those of us ashamed of a former two-term president that was unable to speak fluently, just imagine the disaster a know-nothing, egomaniacal person such as “Caribou Barbie” would have been.  I shudder.

She went on to lecture the “good ole boys” in congress, telling them they should listen to libertarians such as Ted Cruz.  Here’s my lecture ‘half-governor,’ if you, Cruz, Paul, and Bachmann want to be libertarians, join their party.  It already exists.  If you are rejecting the policies and ideals of the GOP, stop taking Republican money, and get out.

As a TV commercial comically says, “these are troubling times in the kingdom.”  I am amazed that I find myself agreeing with Paul and Palin on two issues.  I’ve never found one before.  And I’m surprised they are opposed to a policy that was began by a Republican president.

We cannot become involved in another Islamic country.  Part of the reason terrorism continues to exist is because they don’t want us there.  And we never win.  The United States has lost every war it was involved in since WWII.

The Syrian rebels are comprised of Islamic extremists, and criminals.  We do not want to support another losing cause.  Obama amazes me.  We should have learned our lessons after invading Afghanistan and Iraq.  We have to cease listening to ‘hawks’ such as John McCain.  The moment countries enter a war, they have lost.  Wars in modern times are unwinnable.  As is the case with Afghanistan and Iraq, the result was, and will be, death, injury, and financial ruin.

And I also agree with them about the NSA spying incident.  Our government lies to us so they may circumvent the Constitution continually, but this is a direct untenable violation.

American’s right to privacy is a direct link to our right of freedom.  The intelligence services can tell us that they do not want to know ‘everything,’ but why should we believe them?

I was ashamed when Obama re-instated the ‘Patriot Act.’  It was not meant to be permanent; in fact, it never should have been stuffed down American throats in the first place.

The privacy issue will not die.  I and other columnists promise to keep it alive until the practice ends.

As for the former half-governor of Alaska, ‘I can see what you think, it floats away as hot air always does.’  And I hate to agree with you, mostly because it demeans my intellect, but in this case, I, too, say, ‘let Allah sort it out.’

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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