President Zuma defending the ANC government

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South Africa – The race has begun for the 2014 elections. President Zuma did not waste any time and started his campaign by defending the ANC government in an attempt to defuse his critics

On Friday, June 15, President Zuma visited the frail Nelson Mandela in hospital and visited Soweto ahead of the ‘Youth Day’ remembrance. After making door-to-door visiting in an attempt to rally more support, he addressed eager supporters and used this opportunity to voice his justification of his government administration.

Determined to defend his administration, he vigorously accused people of forgetting the vast amount of problems he faces. That is so true, the bigger the family, the bigger the problems, how could we not remember the size of the Zuma family, on the last count it was six wife’s and 20 children.

He reminded the audience of how the government has been trying to fix the problems for centuries, obviously referring to the apartheid government. He criticized the remarks stated about the ANC’s mismanagement of the economy and labor unrest. There was no accountability for the actions of the ANC government in his speech.

The schoolchildren and university students followed the president as he continued walking around the suburb of Orlando, waving ANC flags and chanting get well Mandela messages. Giving their support for the current ANC government and still expressing their concern for Nelson Mandela. The tough Zuma continued his outcry of defense to the followers.

The majority of South Africans are perfectly healthy, they can see and hear, yet they choose to remain blind and deaf to the faults of the present ANC government, and have done so for the past 19 years. The ANC, to the vast majority represents freedom, irrespective if they live in squalor conditions. The alarming rise in crime statistics does not represent a fear to the loyal followers of the ANC. The freedom of living under a ‘black’ government, and not the apartheid regime is the reason for their loyalty.

Campaigning for the 2014 national election could turn into a powerful, conflicting battle between the ruling party and the opposition parties. With plans to move forward aggressively, the DA (Democratic Alliance) is preparing to hold a large rally in Johannesburg, this weekend. With other opposition parties contesting around the country, the ANC will intensify its campaign around the country. Until the actual election next year, the campaigning by all the appointed parties will be intense.

The DA will probably win more support from the masses, and the possibility of securing another province in the election could become a reality. The formation of the new party “Agang” would likely cause the ANC to lose a considerable amount of support. The feisty leader of this new party should bid well in the upcoming election.

The younger generation, the people who have claimed their place in society and move forward with high expectations are the people who will vote for democracy. This younger age group is the ones who embrace life and look for a future free from racism. They are the ones who see past the color of skin and hear the voice of democracy. This new generation wants education, and true freedom from poverty and crime. They want a true democratic legacy for the future generations. They will not defend the actions of the President Zuma and the ANC government.

Written by Laura Oneale

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