Paula Deen Punished for Honesty by Dishonest Bigots

celebrity cook Paula Deen

Political Correctness (PC) has claimed another victim, it seems. The case of the Food Network celebrity whose career lies in tatters, following a fatal bout of telling the truth, once again highlights both the hypocrisy of the PC Police and the threat they pose to the First Amendment. In truth, Paula Deen has been punished for honesty, by dishonest bigots.

The concept of Political Correctness is a purely political one, as the term suggests; the Left uses it to censor free speech; the Right would see it done away with. There is no place in a free society for such fabricated notions as “hate-speech”; especially when those who are obsessed with throwing around accusations of racism are, themselves, guilty – on an almost daily basis – of using the most vile and disgusting language, towards those with whom they disagree. As for the N-word , which – to be historically accurate – was never originally a derogatory term; any prominent, black Conservative would be able to produce dozens of examples of it being directed at them by so-called ‘Liberals’ – the very people who use Political Correctness to silence their opponents. As Deneen Borelli, a prominent member of the Project 21 black leadership network, put it, when asked to comment on allegations by black lawmakers that they have been the victim of racial slurs: “Welcome to my world. I’ve been called worse than the N-word by alleged enlightened liberals for the outrage of expressing my views on topics such as the threat of government overreach on things such as Obamacare, climate change legislation, the Second Amendment and pro-growth economics.”

When black Conservative singer-songwriter Lloyd Marcus composed the American Tea Party Anthem, A selection of comments posted by Liberals on his You Tube page include : “Maybe this nigger should shut up and learn his place”; “Uncle Tom P.O.Shit!”; “Dance monkey dance”; “this dude a coon”. A brief glance at other postings by the people who made these comments confirms that they are, indeed, left-wingers who despise Conservatives and the Tea Party. Countless other examples exist of Liberal racism; alongside numerous obscene personal insults, not necessarily racial, that are regularly hurled by the Left.

Black Americans, in particular, have absolutely no right to complain about the use of the N-word; it is in common use within the black community. One cannot demonize – or criminalize – the use of a word by one ethnic group, whilst allowing another to use the same word; that, in itself, is racism.

Paula Deen has been punished for her honesty and those who have punished her are dishonest bigots, because they frequently turn a blind eye to the numerous occasions on which those on their own side of the political fence use the n-word, or similar racial slurs. Deen admitted to using the word during questioning, under oath,  by an attorney. The May 17th deposition was related to a discrimination lawsuit brought by Lisa Jackson, a former employee of a restaurant partly owned by Deen. At one point, the Attorney asked Deen if she had ever used the N-word. Deen replied “Yes, of course,” before adding, “It’s been a very long time.” Deen, it should be noted, is 66 years old and was born and raised in the South. Like everyone else, she is the product of her environment. She could easily have answered the question in the negative – although, technically, that would have been lying under oath. She could have answered by saying “not that I recall”, which would have gotten her off the hook without lying, but she chose to be honest; not just saying “yes”, but saying “yes, of course.”

It is likely that Ms. Deen has thrown away her career, and this fact is a damning indictment of modern American society. She is being dragged over the coals for using a particular word, years ago – when the very people who are supposed to be so offended by this particular word actually use it on a daily basis. There is a certain, disturbing insanity to this whole episode. Those who are now punishing Paul Dean are guilty of staggering hypocrisy; they themselves are the bigots and they are being dishonest. The N-word cannot be banished from use, for, if it is, then we are allowing the complete, politically motivated purging of the English language. In addition; if we are to practice true racial equality, then black people must also be punished for using the N-word – regardless of the context in which they use it; for to allow the use of any word in one context and outlaw it, when used in another, is both morally wrong and legally unenforceable.

If we allow the current trend of censorship to continue, the PC police will tear our society apart and impose truly Orwellian restrictions up our freedom of speech and, eventually, our freedom of thought.

Written by Graham J Noble


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