Philadelphia Buildings Collapse Trapping Those Inside

building collapse

Two buildings collapsed Wednesday morning in Center City Philadelphia.  More than 10 people were trapped inside.  A four story building and part of a connected Salvation Army Thrift Store were involved.  A section of the larger building was being prepared for demolition.

Passersby immediately jumped in to help first responders.  As the rubble was cleared, 11 people were taken to local hospitals, and rescuers believe that at least two people remain under the debris.

A police spokeswoman said there was no explosion and described it as “an industrial accident” at this point. “You would have seen a lot of dust in the air if it had been,” she said of an explosion. A fire department official confirmed that no initial explosion appeared to take place and noted construction workers were in the middle of a demolition at one of the buildings.

All of those injured are said to be adults, and there is no report on the severity of their injuries.

A news conference is expected to be held later in the day.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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