Phosphorus bridges Space and Time

phosphorus bridges space and time
Recently, scientists have discovered that the element phosphorus, so critical to life here on Earth, likely came from space – on a meteor. An interesting, but not too surprising find considering what is known about the element phosphorus and it’s ability to bridge ‘space and time.’

“The element of intelligence” is another name for this brain savvy member of the periodic chart, as it’s functions in the body have everything to do with mental activity, comprehension and higher learning. Phosphorus comes from the Greek word Φωσφόρος meaning “light-bearer” and in Latin it is “Lucifer” or morning star – referring to the planet Venus. This unique mineral was given this title because when oxygen is exposed to phosphorus it gives off a faint glow. They have found phosphorus to be absolutely critical to functions of the brain and sensory systems of the brain such as smell, touch and taste as the element that ‘brings the light of awareness’ and connects the dots in all matters of learning.

Bridging space and time, phosphorus has long been recognized as the element which connects the mind with matter – in other words, it helps take intangible concepts(space) and makes them tangible in a way they can be used in linear 3-D reality(time). Without this vital element we would be primal, animalistic and disconnected from any form of ‘higher reasoning.’ Recent findings of phosphorus having come from space could suggest the helpful hand of ‘more advanced’ beings lending us the proper tools in order to evolve our consciousness.

Phosphorus for the brain must be consumed in the form of lecithin as is found in soybeans and bee pollen. Bee pollen is perhaps the best source of lecithin phosphorus for the brain and is known as ‘nature’s semen’ because it fills up the life force energy in the body. Other forms of phosphorus, found in foods such as: walnuts, sunflower seeds, olives, kelp, carrots, cashews, almonds, lentils and rice bran are more suitable for bone health and less directed to the brain.

We use phosphorus every single time we have a thought. So, those who are often engaged in intellectual pursuits such as students, philosophers, scientists, meditators, office workers as well as pregnant mothers, use a lot of phosphorus and should be sure to use a sizable amount in their diets. Those practicing intense psycho-spiritual work such as dream-work, ESP, telepathy and the like will also need higher quantities of phosphorus. Some say that the measure of phosphorus one has in the body contributes to the strength of their ‘aura’ or psychic field.

Quantum researchers speculate that as the ‘light bearing’ element in the body, phosphorus becomes the medium between the soul and the physical vehicle, the actual ‘bridging’ piece which allows our experience of time and space while maintaining a connection to ‘something greater.’ Without adequate amounts of this mineral, one can lack proper judgment, concentration and experience a strongly idealistic attitude that could be described as ‘spaciness’ disallowing one to bring mental and ‘spiritual’ insights into the material plane.

It is possible to have too much phosphorus as well, such as often happens from excessive consumption of soft drinks, for example. When one has an over-abundance of this element in the body they are likely to feel as though they know more than others, even to the point of believing they are ‘born to preach’ as the ‘called prophet’ of their dispensation. According to sources, excessive phosphorus intake can take the following form: “The outer world may be regarded as deceptive, unimportant, deficient–epecially mentally. These patients are animated, energetic, nervous and restless, but are incapable of self-sufficiency, concentrated work, executive command or business judiciousness. Extreme effort and lengthy labor are impossible for them; their dexterity is with the mind, with thinking, psychic endeavors and creeds.

So, though it is crucial to have adequate amounts of phosphorus in the body, we can see that it is also imperative that there be a perfect balance of this mineral, as if it is somehow the magical key allowing one to remain both grounded in the material world while keeping a healthy sense of ‘the other.’  Knowing that phosphorus did in fact originate from space helps us bridge the gap a bit in our experience of time here on Earth.  As we can begin to settle into the knowledge that we are not made from Earth alone, but are comprised from elements throughout the universe, this opens us up to a greater sense of who we are and what are purpose here may in fact be.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Wikipedia;; Zeenews India;; Spiritual Nutrition by Gabriel Cousens M.D.


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