Pomegranates for Prosperity and Fertility

pomegranate for prosperity and fertility
Pomegranates have long been used around the globe for treating various conditions as well as to symbolize and promote prosperity and fertility.  In Indian mythology, pomegranates are associated with the Earth goddess, Bhoomidevi as well as with Lord Ganesha – the remover of all obstacles.  The many ruby-like seeds found within beautiful pomegranates are the plants ‘signature’, thought to exemplify the myriad of benefits and abundance available through eating this fruit.

Used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, pomegranates have been shown to eliminate parasites, lower blood pressure, assist in dental issues, prevent cancer and yes, promote fertility.  Revered by the Greek goddess Aphrodite and thought to be the ‘original forbidden fruit’ in the garden of Eden, pomegranates have long been associated with sensuality and their aphrodisiac properties.  Pomegranates stimulate a healthy sex drive as well as containing a good quantity of folic acid, good for conception and growing a healthy baby.  “It also has a corrective effect on erectile dysfunction due to its powerful anti-oxidant properties.”

A plant is known to carry an energetic ‘signature’ that can be read by looking at the way it grows, it’s color and appearance.  These signatures are said to reveal a deeper meaning regarding the benefits of the plant.  Looking at pomegranates one could easily assess the color red of both the skin and the seeds and conclude the fruit to be beneficial for the blood and heart.  These benefits have been confirmed as Pomegranates “inhibits abnormal platelet aggregation that could cause heart attacks, strokes and embolic disease” as well as maintaining a good flow of blood in the body and reducing negative cholesterol.

The many seeds in the fruit have long been associated with the eggs in a woman’s ovaries as well as simply pointing to abundance and prosperity.  On altars in various spiritual traditions pomegranates can be found when praying for children or financial blessings.  “for the ancient Chinese, pomegranate symbolizes longevity, immortality and abundance, perhaps because of the round 800 seeds found in each pomegranate. It is also considered as an auspicious and prestigious fruit in Indian weddings.”

Drinking pomegranate juice can help eliminate wrinkles, firm up sagging breasts and makes a delicious antioxidant-rich daily tonic.  The peel of pomegranate can be used as in a tea as a gargle to help sore throats, rubbed into gums for dental health and packed on the face for acne and troubling skin conditions.

In many cultures and countries around the world, pomegranates have been used for various conditions and to promote both prosperity and fertility in young and old alike.  The fruit and juice are delicious and nutritious and are widely available these days in stores everywhere.  If you haven’t tried pomegranates, maybe it’s time to pick some up.  Extend the lore of fertility associated with pomegranate into every area of life – imagining eating the fruit multiplying the creation of every type of wealth and gift you desire.  After all, fertility goes beyond child-conception and can symbolize the rich soil of creativity available to all of us who can imagine and visualize the life we desire!

Written by: Stasia Bliss

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