Poultry Plant Fire in China Kills 55

Poultry Plant Fire in China Kills 55

According to an Associated Press report, a fire broke out at a poultry plant in China, killing 55 workers and injuring many more early Monday morning.

The poultry farm and processing plant in the northeastern part of the country was badly damaged. Rescue workers found the bodies of the dead inside the charred buildings and are continuing search efforts.

The Chinese official Xinhua News Agency reports three explosions that appear to have started the fire. Workers from the plant said the fire may have started in a locker room and happened around the time of a shift change. About 350 workers were in the plant when the explosions occurred.

The plant is owned by Jilin Baoyuanfeng Poultry Co., which is a major producer of processed chicken, employing about 1,200 people. The plant is located outside the city of Dehui, about 800 kilometers (250 miles) northeast of China’s capital, Beijing.

Written by Graham J Noble


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