Queen Elizabeth Wears Purple as her Horse Wins Historic Gold Cup

Prime minister, David Cameron tweeted, "Huge congratulations to Her Majesty for Estimate's victory at Royal #Ascot – first time ever a reigning monarch's horse has won the Gold Cup."

the queen in purple

For Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth, June 21, 2013 will always be a memorable and treasured day. Riding in an elegant horse drawn carriage, attired in an elegantly cut lilac colored suit and hat, Her Majesty arrived at Ascot in royal style. The Queen wore the bold purple color to match the colors of the silks worn by jockey Ryan Moore: her wardrobe a statement of understated elegance in the colorful sea of hats and flamboyant fashion statements that are an integral part of the pageantry of the world famous horse race and “height of the season” fashion spectacular. Her horse won the historic ‘Gold Cup,” and she won $250,000.

ABC News reported, “Queen Elizabeth is about to be a great-grandmother and celebrate the 60th anniversary of her coronation. But she now has another title to add her repertoire:  the first member of the Royal Family to win Britain’s prestigious Gold Cup race.

Queen Elizabeth’s 4-year-old horse Estimate won the two and a half mile race today, which is part of the five-day Royal Ascot race that ends on June 20.  Her son, Prince Andrew Duke of York presented an ecstatic Queen with the Gold Cup as a reward.

According to the Royal Ascot website, Gold Cup Day is known as “ladies day” because it is when the female attendees roll out their greatest outfits.”

imagesAs the horses neared the finish line, the plumaged crowd was on its feet including Andrew’s daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Jumping and clapping their hands in encouragement, the queen’s granddaughters were ecstatic when their grandmother’s horse came in first.

Queen Elizabeth broke decades of tradition. Normally, the Queen hands out the trophies: today she was the recipient. Prince Andrew Duke of York, the Queen’s oldest son was honored to present his mother with the Gold Cup after her horse Estimate surged across the finish at Royal Ascot as winner of the coveted Royal Ascot Gold Cup: the ultimate prize in the annual 5-day event.

In her youth, Queen Elizabeth was a brilliant horse rider and has long been considered a knowledge horse breeder. If there was ever a doubt, her horse Estimate’s win today told the story. Prime minister, David Cameron tweeted, “Huge congratulations to Her Majesty for Estimate’s victory at Royal #Ascot – first time ever a reigning monarch’s horse has won the Gold Cup.”


Queen Elizabeth In Burma
Queen Elizabeth In Burma

It is the first time in the 207-year history of Ascot that the historic gold cup has been won by a reigning royal. The horse-loving queen’s eyes sparked as she smiled with delight accepting the “once-in-a-lifetime” award from her beloved heir. While the 87-year old monarch didn’t exactly “jump for joy” she appeared thrilled, proud and happy.

By: Marlene Affeld

US News Today

Queen delighted after her horse wins historic Gold Cup
ABC News

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  1. Linda Bess   June 21, 2013 at 9:14 pm

    The caption for the photo on this page of The Queen riding sidesaddle should read “Queen Elizabeth on Burmese” NOT “In Burma”


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