Rampage Jackson Leaves UFC for Rival Bellator (Poll)

Rampage Jackson has left the UFC for rival Bellator.
Rampage Jackson has left the UFC for rival Bellator.

Rampage Jackson, for years one of the signature fighters for the UFC banner, has left the promotion and joined rival Bellator. The 34 year old Jackson has seen a significant decline in his abilities lately, with young UFC talent dominating him fairly easily in his last few outing with the promotion. Joining the UFC’s rival Bellator marks the culmination of his bitter fallout with the UFC.

Rampage Jackson has fought only once a year for the past three years, losing all three bouts. He will need to increase that number in a major way with his new contract. Bellator fighters are required to compete every other month. As a fighter in the twilight of his career at 34 years old, a sixfold increase in number of fights seems like a solution that will be difficult for Jackson to keep up for a significant period of time.

No word is clear on whether or not Rampage Jackson will be participating in Bellator’s signature tournament. The tournament is extremely grueling for fighters to go through, but a victory in the lightweight division is one that would really stick it it to Dana White and the UFC.

Rampage Jackson had been one of the biggest names in the UFC, building his reputation through his days in the Pride Fighting Championship, furthering his allure to fight fans everywhere with immediate success in the UFC. Consecutive victories over legends Chuck Liddell and Dan Henderson at UFC 71 and 75.

A recent losing streak caused for Rampage and UFC President Dana White to fall out with one another, resulting Jackson to lose his spot with the promotion.Rampage Jackson began to complain about his pay and treatment in the UFC. Dana White responded to those allegations of his fighter treatment, calling Rampage an over paid wash up.

Signing with Bellator has came with more than just a fight contract, his deal also includes appearances on TNA’s ‘Impact Wrestling’ as well as a potential reality show. There is no word yet on what the reality show would entail, however it is something that is fitting for the persona of Rampage.

Rampage Jackson has some experience with the big screen. Appearing as Mr. T in the 2010 remake of The A Team. He struggled then to master the balance between training for fighting and training for a fight, looking completely out of shape in his fight against his nemesis Rashad Evans.

Rampage Jackson thinks his departure from UFC for rival Bellator will go down as a significant turning point in the world of mixed martial arts. Believing that the pay and treatment Dana White has towards his fighters will be exposed, and more fighters will see Bellator as a better promotion to join. The UFC has long been considered the mecca of the fighting world, far and away the dominant force in professional fighting. Jackson adds a headline worthy name to the Bellator roster, but is that enough to level the playing field in the fighting world? Vote in the poll below and give your two cents on the matter.

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