Recon Jet Google Glass Killer? [Video]

Recon Jet Google Glass Killer? [Video]


The Vancouver, B.C. based Recon Instruments Launched Recon Jet for $499. However, this Pilot Edition Offer Expires July 21st, after this date it will increase to $599.

In the eyes of Geordi La Forge, these look cool and you can see with them, but what does it have to offer for me?

Google Glass may be the talk of the town, and it may help you with walking around and getting directions to a cafe with the perfect espresso, and cost you $1,500.

Recon Jet has come ready for an expected December shipment. On, June 26th 2013, Vancouver Recon Instruments, the award-winning technology company behind the world’s first consumer Heads-up Displays (HUD) for sports, has launched Recon Jet. A limited quantity of their high-performance HUDs, integrated on sports sunglasses, are available at –

Recon Jet, Pilot Edition, will ship with applications designed for cyclists and triathletes. This limited-edition model is for first movers and will ship several months prior to full production. Through wireless connectivity to third party devices (via ANT+ and Bluetooth), the athlete will have access to critical information, including heart rate, cadence and power output. Its comprehensive suite of on-board sensors also delivers a full portfolio of precision performance stats and data such as speed, pace, distance, time, vertical ascent and more. But industry pros can use it as well: engineers, firefighters, builders, and doctors.

The device, which is embedded within a pair of sunglasses, weighs just 28 grams. Included in that ounce is a dual-core 1GHz processor, a graphics chip. It has GPS, an HD camera, and a raft of sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, altimeter, magnetometer, and thermometer. And, of course, it has an HD display, infrared gaze detection, a mic, speakers, and a touchpad that works even with gloves and even when it’s snowing.

When you take HD video or pictures with the built-in camera, you can elect to have it automatically upload to your Facebook or other social accounts. So if you are rider who just finished an insane mountain climb, or a weekend warrior who just completed a 3K run, could share their victories with their friends and family. Then, as people respond, those comments and congratulations will show up on your heads-up display.

The open SDK. Recon wants the developer community to build anything and everything on this platform, and it’s already working with health and fitness companies to create apps for devices and data.

This is going to be great for those who really don’t like strapping their GoPro to their bike or themselves.

Both Google Glass and now the Jet look great and all, but what about use who needs to wear glasses. On another post, I mentioned what will they do for us who were glasses. Now with the Jet it’s combined with sun glasses. I can’t wear them because I would have to wear my glasses behind them, and it would just feel awkward. When will they think of us? I want to know if you are a techie and know of anyone that works for Google or Recon can you ask them that question?

I will complain about this until I see something that will look cool stay on and be for us who wear glasses.

Introducing Recon Jet: Groundbreaking Heads-Up Display from Recon Instruments from Recon Instruments on Vimeo.

By: Forrest L. Rawls

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