Republicans Hate Voters, Especially Women


In the last two days, the Republican governors of Nevada and Texas have shown that they are members of the party that hates voters, especially women, and do not represent the people of their states.

Thursday, Republican Brian Sandoval of Nevada, vetoed a bipartisan bill that was passed by the bi-annual legislature, and was approved by the voting public.  The law would have required background checks on all gun purchases within the state.

It was sensible legislation, which in no way could be considered in opposition to the second amendment.  It would have assisted in the prevention of those with mental health problems, and criminal convictions, from obtaining a lethal weapon.

I have one question for the governor.  How much money does the NRA lobby contribute to your campaigns, and how many paid for vacations have you received?

Governors are expected to surrender their personal positions in favor of their state’s residents.  Sandoval hates the people of Nevada.

Today, Governor Rick Perry of Texas, vetoed a bill that would allow women to sue for equal pay for equal work.  We are all very aware that the Republican Party hates women and minorities, that’s why they continue to lose elections.  But this is a little obvious.

In my entire lifetime, I have witnessed women struggling to be treated with the same respect as men.  They are considered sex objects, or objects of convenience by far too many men.  The fact that they are generally more intelligent than men, that they are more adaptable to tragic events, and learn at a faster rate than men, is ignored by their superiors.

The fact that Rick Perry is a joke does not excuse his abhorrent attitude towards his mother and sisters.  They are better than you, and should be paid more than you are.

The RNC claims that the Republican Party is changing.  They want to seek the Hispanic vote, women’s votes, and the younger voter.  The old line that actions speak louder than words, definitely applies in this particular situation.

Republicans are attempting to kill any bill that would allow comprehensive immigration reform.  Instead, they want to build fences up to the clouds.  They continually vote against bills that would give women the right to receive equal treatment under federal law.  And they ignore anyone under 35.  Our nation’s youth is for everything Republicans are against.

So, if you think that I am wrong, that Republicans don’t hate voters, especially women, prove me wrong.  We independents do not align with the past, and the GOP is passé.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express

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