Sandra Bullock Turns on The Heat


Sandra Bullock, ‘Miss Congeniality’ of Hollywood is all set to strike a new chord with her upcoming film “The Heat”. So, the brassy southern mother of “The Blind Side”, turns on The Heat with Melissa McCarthy. Sandra, now 48 still cabable of igniting fires on the screen and also into the minds of her fans. She is still  comfortable in LBD as well as the sexy black numbers. A few days ago Sandra appeared at London premiere of “The Heat” in a black dress with built-in bra.

Now, she wants to depict her masculine and sexy side altogether. So, in this hyper masculine season of Hollywood she is the ray of hope for women.

The Heat, directed by Paul Feig from a script of writer Katie Dippold, deals heavily with women and girly pleasures. And this film is set to remind us, you don’t need to look perfect or act perfect, said Sandra. The Heat shows Bullock as Sarah Ashburn, an uptight FBI agent in ill-fitting suits and a bit of a weirdo. McCarthy as Shannon Mullins, a brusque Boston cop seems to turn many heads with her friend.

Bullock is slated to make a come back with this movie but she denies the idea of ‘come back’; according to her, she was always there. “If someone asks what you wanna do and you don’t really wanna work, you pick up the most far-fetched thing”, said she about this movie. Her eyes still twinkle when she talks, her lips frown at words and this masculine-heavy Hollywood would love to smirk at her again. And she claims her movie isn’t any light girly pleasure but has strong meaning underneath. According to her, “This was it, a pairing where everyone was equal and you had these storylines, humor and balls and action. It was just something I saw the boys getting to do”. Aren’t those words enough to turn “the heat” on?

The movie will amply showcase women getting lost in themselves, having fun over beer bottles and enjoying life more…as it announces, ‘It’s women’s world’. In one scene, Ashburn and Mullins drunkenly dance in a bar and it’s quite natural, not something practiced and perfect. Director Feig had an idea to involve a choreographer, but Sandra Bullock dismissed the idea, she wanted the dance to be naturally awful.

Sandra Bullock is always a bit tomboyish, bold, alpha female, where McCarthy is reserved in real life, but for ‘reel’ life both characters allowed them to turn on “The Heat”. On screen, the conversations between the two are really funny, laced with satire and spiced with charm. “You have to instantly bond, instantly create a relationship in this weird world that we are in”, Bullock said. Sandra and Melissa are two of the most powerful women in Hollywood. They have the ability to get movies green-lighted and their team up is obviously a great thing for this film.

Director Feig said, “It wasn’t a movie written for two guys. It was funny in a way women are funny and touched on themes of female friendship, professional women in the workplace who have chosen a career over family and kids”.

“The Heat” will hit the screens on the 28th June. And it definitely would love to attract the minds of women who love to look at life through a different viewpoint. In this cruel world, most often funny tools are taken away from our lives as we create high bars ‘to look perfect, to act perfect’. This film rips off those fake bars and gives you a splash of fresh air. You’ll know how it feels to be funny or to be odd. So, in her upcoming movie “The Heat”, Sandra Bullock turns you on from all angles.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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  1. Jayeeta   June 29, 2013 at 7:56 am

    Miss Congeniality is here again to seduce you. Wanna get hooked?


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