Sean Parker First President of Facebook has First Lady

Sean Parker first president of Facebook gets first lady
The billionaire Sean Parker who was the co-founder of music-sharing website Napster and the first president of Facebook, was married on Saturday in Northern California and now has a “first lady.”

His representative Matthew Hiltzik announced that Parker, 33, married his fiancee Alexandra Lenas in a ceremony at an inn in the costal retreat of Big Sur with 300 family and friends in attendance. The couple included their five month old daughter Winter who was born January 6th this year as part of the ceremony.

According to, Sean Parker’s fortune is estimated to be two billion dollars.

Sean Parker joined Facebook in 2004. He became the social websites first president and then left the company in 2005. He is now a managing partner at the venture capital firm Founders Fund.

Besides being known for being Facebook’s first president, Parker is also well known for being the co-founder of the music sharing site, Napster at the age of 19. The website allowed free peer-to-peer sharing of songs online. It was eventually shut down by a court order in 2001 over copyright infringement claims.

Parker has moved his on-line music expertise over to the new music subscription sharing site, Spotify.

Matthew Hiltzik said that the ceremony was presided over by Reverend John A. Buehrens and that it took place at The Ventana Inn in Big Sur, Calif. Alexandra Lenas wore a gown by Elie Saab, while the groom, Parker, daughter victoria and the guests were dressed by the Academy Award-winning costume designer Ngila Dickson.

The entire ceremony was put together by designer Ken Fulk, caterer Paula LeDuc and designer Preston Bailey, who did the flowers. Mark Seliger photographed the event for the couple.

After the ceremony where Sean Parker married, who would have been his first lady if he was still the Facebook first president, the guest all enjoyed cake from Perfect Endings as well as music by Loreena McKennitt and The Good The Bad and The Ginger.

According to sources the event was one of Silicon Valley’s most expensive weddings, allegedly costing around nine million dollars. Sean Parker has reportedly made billions of dollars from Napster and Facebook.

At the wedding ceremony, Parker is reported to have staged his nuptials on a spot that resembled a film set replete with a “fake” waterfall or two and “romantic” bridges and ruins.

There had been rumours that those guests invited to the ceremony would be required to dress as medieval characters.

But Parker, the first president of Facebook chose to use the new social medium of Twitter and tweeted to his invited guests, “Sorry to disappoint, but the wardrobe we’re giving guests is essentially modern. No swords or chain mail. … This is not a ‘theme’ wedding.”

Despite Parker’s claim of it not being a “theme” wedding, a team of landscapers and builders worked for weeks on the grounds of the Ventana Inn, creating the backdrops that resembled a film set, which included ponds, a gated cottage and a $600,000 stone gate.

The newly married couple’s “temporary” dance floor reportedly cost $350,000 and allegedly the final bill for the flowers and plants is said to total $1 million.

Parker and the singer/songwriter Lenas have been engaged for two years.

In the 2010 film The Social Network, Parker was portrayed as a hard partying ladies man, acted by Justin Timberlake. The film was about the creation of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg who, at the time, was a student at Harvard University. When the film was released, Parker dismissed the portrayal as fictional.

Regardless of whether Sean Parker was really a ladies man or not as the first president of Facebook, he now definitely only has two females in his life right now. His “first lady” Alexandra and their daughter Winter.

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