Sinatra Of The Blues Bobby Bland Passed Away

Without A Warning You Broke My Heart

Sinatra of the Blues Bobby Bland passed away
” Without a warning you broke my heart 

You took it darling and you tore it apart 
You left me sitting in the dark crying 
You said your love light for me was dying”

(Part of the Song text “Turn on Your Love Light”)

Bobby “Blue” Bland, renowned blues singer who mixed Southern blues, and soul together flawlessly in iconic songs: “Turn on Your Love Light,” and “Further On Up the Road,” Sinatra of the blues, more on that later, has passed away this Sunday in Memphis, Tenn., at his home. He was 83. Rodd Bland, Bobby Bland’s son, confirmed that his father had passed away due to complications from an ongoing illness.

The Internet was flooded by his fans saying goodbye in their own way. A Twitter user said: “Man. I just read the news about Bobby Bland passing. ‘Farther Up the Road’ will be on repeat for a good chunk of the day.” Another heartfelt message said: “As soon as the weather break baby, I think I’ll pack my bags and head that way.” RIP Bobby “Blue” Bland.

Bobby Bland had the nick name: “the Sinatra of the blues.” Therefore; Sinatra of the Blues Bobby Bland has passed away on Sunday.

In addition to Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole had a huge impact on him. Bland however, was famous for incorporating grand arrangements to give his suave vocals even more cachet. He liked his nick name, and actually copied Frank Sinatra’s style for an album cover photo. (The one where he is standing in front of a building, and has his coat thrown over his shoulder.) When Bobby was asked to talk about his music he wanted to share the following: “Because it’s the way that you feel and the stories that you are listening to that usually happen to people… like… the things I sing about are basically, somewhat, what goes on in my life. They’re stories and I enjoy telling the stories.” He added later: “The stories that I was telling during that time, I didn’t know how strong they really were until I got a little older and then listened to them over again and in those stories was pretty much my life.” 

Bland was a contemporary of B.B. King’s, Bobby used to be B.B.’s chauffeur, and valet. Bobby therefore was one of the last living connections to this fantastic genre. Bland has his own place in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. (He was inducted there in 1992.) Bobby might not have been as famous as his contemporaries, his influence on a “new” generation of Rock’n roll stars was huge. For example David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen and Eric Clapton have recorded many of his songs. Including: “Further On Up the Road” and “I Pity the Fool.”

“His hallmark was his supple, confidential soul-blues delivery,” according to the Rock and Roll hall of fame. It is sad that we lost the Sinatra of the Blues yesterday. Al tough Bobby Bland has passed away, we still have his legacy, because:

 “Turn on the light 

Let it shine on me 
Turn on your love light 
Let it shine on me”

By Georgina Pijttersen

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