Slavery in Ohio for Woman and her Child Again


ohio imprisonmentThree people have been arrested in Ashland, Ohio, for placing a woman and her child in slavery or two years.  The three who allegedly imprisoned the two are Jordie Callahan, 26, Jessica Hunt, 31, and Daniel J. Brown, 33.

Authorities told reporters that the three used threats of beatings, death, attacks by pit bulls, and the use of large snakes to control their victims.

The woman has a cognitive disorder which gives her the intelligence level of a 13-14 year old.  She was forced to do laundry, clean house, and do yard work.  Occasionally she and her child were not fed, and forced to sleep in a padlocked room on a concrete floor.

She was forced to physically abuse her child, they videotaped it, and told her they would show it to the police if she tried to escape.

The only reason why she is no longer imprisoned was an incident in October of 2012.  While shopping for her three jailers, she shoplifted a candy bar.  She told the police that the people at the house were ‘mean.’  An investigation was launched, and Tuesday the house was raided.

The woman and her child are recovering.  The three suspects will be arraigned in federal court on Wednesday.

Another victim of slavery, along with her child, in a town near Cleveland is free.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express


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