Stacie Juris Hotseat Interview (Video)

Stacie Juris Hotseat interview

Well, it’s all over for this year. There is a new Miss USA wearing the crown and the hype just keeps rolling along. Stacie Juris who caught fire this year as the “most searched” woman on the internet this past weekend came in as the second runner-up to winner. But for a treat, we thought you might like to see her “Hotseat” interview that was posted on the Miss USA website! The video is “down below” and we think you’ll agree with us when we say that Stacie gives good interview.

According to Tinley Park Patch, “Stacie Juris became the pride of Illinois on Sunday when she finished as second runner-up at the Miss USA Pageant in Las Vegas.”

The 22 year-old lives in Chicago and is “a fashion business major who hopes to one day open her own dress boutique, specializing in prom, pageant, and bridal gowns,” according to her official pageant biography. Stacie is a junior at Chicago‚Äôs Columbia College.

Her Miss USA profile stated that, “During her reign. Stacie hopes to work closely with charitable organizations that benefit children with life threatening diseases. It’s a cause that is very near to her heart because a close friend was diagnosed with the most severe type of lupus, nephritis, at only 16 years old.”

State pageant officials added their own spin to the profile, “The focus for this program is to provide an opportunity for young women to better themselves; the pageant encourages the contestants to gain self-awareness, self-confidence, individual pride, and greater social awareness.”

The pageant officials finished the statement, “Each contestant should be able to improve their ability to communicate effectively, to speak in front of people comfortably, and to stand up for what they believe in. We encourage our contestants to find causes or issues they feel strongly about, and to become involved in those organizations that speak closest to their hearts. Each young lady who enters has different ideals and goals and strives hard in their personal quest for excellence.”

But “propaganda” aside, Stacie Juris certainly appeared to be head and shoulders above her competition. The fashion major certainly comes over well in her “Hotseat” interview in the video below.

While Stacie might have been the second runner up in the Miss USA pageant, losing out to Miss Connecticut Erin Brady, she certainly got a lot of fans who are probably disappointed that she didn’t win. There’s no doubt that the 25 year-old Brady deserved to win, but Stacie certainly seemed to be a favourite with bookmakers giving her odds of 20 – 1 that she would take the crown.

But maybe her, see-through dress in the preliminaries and her pant-less shirt photograph hurt her with the official judges of the pageant while earning her a legion of new fans. Of course, her “criminal” record might have also hurt her chances with the judges.

When the picture of Stacie and fellow Miss USA contestant Sarah Kidd – Miss Massachusetts – hit the internet with the two of them wearing only NHL jerseys, the web went wild with Stacie becoming the most searched for person on the net over the weekend.

The downside to this new found popularity was that her 2011 arrest for shoplifting, an estimated $288 worth of clothes, surfaced. And while it didn’t appear to unduly upset the pageant officials, it just may have cost Stacie Juris the crown.

But as we said above, the girl gives good interview. Cool, poised and incredibly beautiful, she impressed us!

See what you think. Have a look at the video below and watch Stacie Juris in her “Hotseat” video and see if you don’t fell just a little sad that the “most searched for person on the internet” only made second runner up.

By Michael Smith


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