Stacie Juris Bottomless Photograph Setting the Internet on Fire

Stacie Juris bottomless photo heating up the internet
If you want to know who has been trending this weekend, look no further, we can tell you who is the hottest thing so hit search engines right now. It is none other than the 22 year-old Miss USA contestant, Miss Illinois. Stacie Juris has been setting the internet on fire and all because of a bottomless photograph that she took, along with Miss Massachusetts Sarah Kidd.

Interestingly enough, Sarah hasn’t gotten anywhere near the kind of attention that Stacie got. We aren’t sure why either. To us, both girls looked pretty fetching in their attire that appeared to consist of hockey shirts only. There is something very sexy about a beautiful woman wearing only a shirt!

According to sources it this bottomless photo that “sealed the deal” for the 22 year-old Miss USA contestant. Earlier in the preliminaries she came out in a see-through dress. As we said above, there’s something sexy in an attractive woman wearing a large, overflowing shirt. The photos for the girl’s “home teams” – the Blackhawks for Stacie and the Bruins for Sarah, were just what the doctor ordered for the NHL publicity machine and everyone was quick to notice that the two beauty pageant contestants weren’t wearing pants.

But it seems that clothing and a little “five-finger discounting” have combined to make the current Miss Illinois a very hot property. Her bottomless photograph might have gotten her some initial interest by all those fans of “pant-less” women, but the story of her past retail exploits have helped to make her the most searched for contestant of the Miss USA pageant.

It you type Stacie Juris’ name into your search engine, one of the things that will show up is an old news report about an arrest back in 2011.

Stacie Juris looked great in her Chicago Blackhawks jersey, as did her fellow contestant Sarah Kid, who sported a Boston Bruins shirt. According to CBS News, the photograph was taken on Thursday June 13 at the Planet Hollywood Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. But it appears that it wasn’t just her “hot look” that got her more attention than Ms Kidd.

It seems that the reason that Sarah Kidd didn’t jump to the number one slot of “most searched for name on the internet” is because she has no skeletons in her closet. Stacie Juris does! A skeleton whose bony fingers helped itself to about $288 worth of clothes taken from the Orland Park Patch in Illinois back in April 2011.

The police were called to the Orland Square Mall where the “Patch” is located, because Juris’ had allegedly attempted to leave a department store with $288 worth of clothing in her purse. According to the Orland Park Police blotter, Stacie L. Juris was arrested and charged with retail theft.

The arrest is a matter of public record and some other photographs are on the net of Stacie’s police “mugshots.” But the old police record wasn’t deemed damaging enough for Stacie to be yanked out of a different sort of line up in the pageant. Just as it did not keep her from winning the crown for Miss Illinois earlier.

As it stands right now, Stacie is in a good position in the Miss USA competition with bookmakers giving her 20/1 odds of getting the crown tonight, June 16. Live coverage of the contest will begin at 9 p.m. (EST) on NBC Television.

The question on most peoples lips is this: Is Stacie Juris trending because of the bottomless photograph, the see through dress or because of her police record? It could have been worse, it could have been a sex scandal or a posing nude scandal. There have been quite a few pageant winner who have had their crowns taken because they couldn’t keep their clothes on in front of the camera. At least Stacie was fully clothed when she got arrested for having “sticky fingers.”

By Michael Smith


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  1. Maynard   June 17, 2013 at 4:45 am

    The bottom has just dropped out of Juris’ campaign to be a decent candidate.


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