Kim Kardashian Has TRICKED Us All Top 5 List

She Apparently Delivered Her Baby Girl Naturally

Kim Kardashian has tricked us all

Kim Kardashian is quite the trickster. She apparently delivered her baby girl naturally. When most would have thought she would deliver her baby in the most comfortable way possible. She also acts like she is pretty clueless when it comes down to raising her baby girl. She mentioned that she won’t baby proof her house, until the child is two years old. She thinks that children don’t encounter any threats to their well being, if they are not moving around the house. Kim is convinced the moving around the house part, won’t start until the child is two years old. Do we really believe that this cunning business woman thinks this? Or is it just another ploy? Her family signed a contract in 2012 to produce three more seasons of the widely popular reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” They will earn $40 million with that contract. Therefore it stands to reason that the Kardashians, and Kim especially, because she earns the lion share, will do or say anything to get people’s attention in order for the public to keep watching their show. Miss Kardashian has tricked us all many times before. Lets have a look at the top 5 list:

1) Her sex tape. Was this truly taped without her knowledge? Was she not aware that a camera was videotaping her, and was she unaware about the distribution of this tape? She managed to trick us into believing that she was a victim in these proceedings. She even filed a claim, which she later dropped, and it was settled out of court.

2) Her Marriage to Kris Humphries. Many people accused Kim Kardashian of using her relationship, and wedding day to rake in more money. The whole event was filmed, and the aftermath was prominently featured on her families reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Some might say that the scenes that were about the marriage falling apart seemed staged, and not sincere. Kris Humphries also thought that something was not right, and filed for a law suit of his own. He wanted that she told him the truth. That she never really loved him, and that it was all for the money. Either Kim has tricked us all then as well but the court ruled that she was telling the truth. Therefore Mister Humphries had to let the matter go. The next hot topic on our top 5 list is…

3) Her wearing awful dresses that didn’t suit her pregnant body at all. Did she not have a mirror, or family members to guide her to wear something that would do her body justice? She is a self proclaimed fashion stylist. No self respecting stylist would ever dress the way she dressed during her pregnancy. Was this another trick? Doesn’t it seem more plausible that she wore those dresses to get attention? Or was she not aware of her expanding shape?

4) Kim Kardashian’s tweets. Whenever Kim tweets, and promotes a business or venture she earns anywhere between $10,000 – $25,000 for one single tweet. Therefore she has tricked us all again in believing that she actually stands behind the product when in reality it’s probably the money talking. Lets finish the top 5 list with not Kim but her new born…

5) The baby fits right in. She tricked us into believing she would arrive 5 weeks from now but actually she arrived much sooner. Therefore Kim Kardashian, and now her baby girl have tricked us all, Kim has even done so, many times. So many times, in fact, that their could be a top 5 list. How many more ticks does she have up her sleeve, and will we let her get away with it? 

By Georgina Pijttersen


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  1. SciFiMagpie   June 16, 2013 at 11:36 pm

    Unrelated: are people medically incapable of using a comma properly? This article needs to be re-edited for sentence structure.

  2. Carla   June 16, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    Kim is a liar and lies about it all she just wants money for botox


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