Miss USA Contestant Bottomless Thievery

Miss USA Bottomless Thievery

It turns out that one of the Miss USA contestants might not have such a spotless background. Miss Illinois comes to the pageant with a slight darkening of her reputation. Apparently, after Stacie Juris won Miss Teen Illinois and before she won the Miss Illinois crown, she got arrested for shoplifting. She later posed “bottomless” or “pant-less” in a hockey shirt to support her local hockey team, which has irritated some people who live in her home state.

In 2011 an Orland Park Police Report said that Juris allegedly left a department store in the Orland Square Mall with $288 worth of clothing in her purse. The report also said that police officers were called to the mall by security who said she tried to leave a store without paying for the items on April 4 around 1 p.m.

The, then, 20 year-old beauty pageant contestant who lived in the 8100 block of Glenbrook Place in Tinley Park, was charged with retail theft. Interestingly enough, on the same day that she was charged with the theft, Juris posted a one-word message on her Twitter account: humbled.

The Chicago Huffington Post reported the arrest and they were quick to point out that, police report information is provided by law enforcement agencies. Of course arrest charges are not evidence of guilt. They are a record of police actions taken on a given day.

The Post was also quick to remind the public that the people charged with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court. There is no record as to whether or not the Miss USA contestant was prosecuted for the the charge of retail theft.

But some of her fellow citizens aren’t just bothered by her “criminal record” they are a bit upset about a picture that she posed for in support of her Chicago hockey team, the Blackhawks. She and Miss Massachusetts, Sarah Kidd posed together in a hockey jersey and no pants.

So it appears that the Miss USA contestant has a past of alleged thievery and a present of posing bottomless, although when we looked at the photograph it seemed pretty tame to us. She appears better covered than if she had posed in a bikini.

The two Miss USA contestants joined up for the photo opportunity at the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas where all the Miss USA hopefuls are staying during the pageant. Both young women are wearing hockey jerseys from their home state teams, the Blackhawks and Boston Bruins, and they look very challenging as they look into each other’s eyes. Pant-less.

The photo was just a bit of “harmless” publicity for the Miss USA pageant, which is taking place tonight at Planet Hollywood.

Unfortunately for the Blackhawks the pant-less photograph didn’t bring them any luck, they lost to the Bruins 2 -1.

But for Miss USA contestant Stacie Juris, it generated a lot of interest, causing her to be one of the “most searched” names on the internet over the weekend. Of course there is a bite in the tail from all that publicity, It was this added interest in the “bottomless” contestant that uncovered the story of her alleged retail theft.

But this “criminal past” hasn’t hurt her in the pageant stakes so far, although, it could perhaps cause her some difficulty in her “chosen” profession of becoming a fashion designer who wants to open her own boutique someday that will specialise in prom, pageant and wedding dresses.

Despite the Miss USA contestant’s charge of thievery and the upset caused by her “bottomless” photograph, she’s still in with a chance against the other 50 contestants. But the Blackhawks fans would probably like it better if Miss Illinois doesn’t do any more pant-less photographs in support of the team, it seem to jinx their game. You can see Miss Illinois tonight at the live coverage of the Miss USA pageant tonight at 9 p.m.

By Michael Smith

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