Stephen Curry Hilariously Mocks LeBron and Duncan (Video)

Stephen Curry showed that he has a future in broadcasting with a hilarious mocking of LeBron and Duncan on SportsCenter's Twitter feed.
Stephen Curry showed that he has a future in broadcasting with a hilarious mocking of LeBron and Duncan on SportsCenter’s Twitter feed.

Taking over SportsCenter’s Twitter page for game 3 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs, Stephen Curry showed us that he may have a future in the league as a broadcaster. On top of tweets throughout the game, 25 year old Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry hilariously mocked LeBron James and Tim Duncan with videos posted on

On top of summarizing the games in his videos, he showed a comical side that often goes unnoticed by the media in the world of sports. Curry poked fun at his peers LeBron James and Tim Duncan in his quarterly updates. Making fun of the stoic reactions of Duncan, and the bricks of LeBron, Curry is certain to see an uptick in his personal following as a result of his comical actions last night.

Curry began his video updates with a post after the first quarter. Making fun of the poor shooting that began the game, he comically throws brick after brick at his daughter’s toy basketball hoop.

Halftime is when Curry made the first of his jabs at his fellow players. Curry hilariously mocks LeBron James, only to later address Duncan. Holding his daughter so that she can slam dunk the ball into her toy hoop, he points out that her one simple basket was good for half as many points as what LeBron was able to put up in an entire half of play. LeBron’s scoring has been extremely limited in this series, something he has to be growing tired of hearing. The third quarter saw the Spurs really start to pull away. Danny Green and Gary Neal were nailing three after three en rout to the Spurs setting the NBA Finals record for three pointers made in a game with 16. Tim Duncan remained serious and focused on the game, not letting his excitement for the nearly certain victory show through as he kept a stoic grin on his face. Curry followed up his mocking of LeBron James with a hilarious rendition of Duncan’s serious reactions to the play of Green and Neal.

All jokes aside at the end, Curry made sure to congratulate Danny Green and Gary Neal, the stars of the night. Bringing in friends and family to the video, they gave the two unheralded guards a standing ovation for their efforts in the game 3 victory.

Short and to the point with his videos, Curry showed that he has the potential to step into the broadcasting booth after his playing days are over. This won’t be anytime soon as he is only 25 years old and one of the rising stars in the league. Golden State had its own impressive playoff run this season and will be looking to contend for a title next year. We likely won’t see the hilarious Stephen Curry mocking LeBron and Duncan, or any other NBA stars for awhile, but he showed promise in his guest commentary on the SportsCenter twitter page.

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