Superman Crashes and Burns

Superman has been batmanised

Superman crashes and burns

Superman has been batmanised. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy hasn’t gone unnoticed. Especially not the parts where this new avenue generated a lot of revenue. In addition fans became enthralled again with the Dark Knight, and couldn’t get enough of him. This new direction has also been the premise for “Man of Steel” the latest installment for the Superman franchise. The movie has indeed a dark feel to it, while it’s main focus is on action instead of drama. However will this prevent Superman’s crash and burn at the box office? He crashes and burns quite easily when it comes to real life box office numbers, and not his “Man of Steel” image on the silver screen. (The installments before this one weren’t a huge success. The same goes for “The Hulk” and some “Spider man” installments.

Bruce Wayne

What was it that most people felt so attracted to The Dark Knight and that the others do not posses? Is it the fact that Bruce Wayne is somewhat of an ideal version of ourselves, somebody to look up to but does have its weaknesses? He lost his parents and even though he says he is not out for blood, he does seem to be. He even thinks multiple times of quitting his job, and he doubts himself. He also is into the ladies, and makes mistakes in trusting some of them too quickly. (Understandable if you think back, and remembered how they looked, right?)

Nerdy Kent

Superman on the other hand seems more of a push over. His alter ego, Clark Kent, has to abide to all the rules, and follows Lois Lane around like a puppy. That is also the reason why Superman usually crashes, and burns because he doesn’t seem to be bold, intimidating, or commanding respect. Superman isn’t all that super. He has impressive muscles, and he is usually good looking. However he lacks the talent/skills to really impress. Superman is wholesome, in love with the same woman for forever, and his disguise is only a disguise for journalists who are smitten with the subject they are supposed to uncover.

A real super hero?

Will this new dark setting change anything about these, not so impressive, points? Will we look at Superman, and see a real hero that is worth our money to go to the cinema for? Probably it is. Because this time Batman revival expert was there to give the new Superman director advise, and to guide him in order to Batmanise the sleeping Superman franchise. Nolan probably thinks the crashes, and burns days of Superman are numbered.

The dark side

Snyder came up with a new angle in conjunction with Nolan. “Man of Steel” is about a coming-of-age story, which will include the one thing that is totally unique to Superman: the science-fiction element. Director Snyder said: “He’s able to look at humanity objectively because he’s not human, and that element combined with the sci-fi school made me really go after that aspect of it as hard as I could,” Another clever way to draw the public in is to show the early years of Superman. When he was a schoolboy he was bullied, and did nothing about it. This will make Superman more of a human, and hopefully more relatable.

Superman crashes, and burns will hopefully be just something which might happen in the movie as an unexpected plot twist, and if they had talked to George R.R. Martin*, but not in real life. (George R.R. Martin is the author of Game of Thrones, and he loves to kill his main characters, just so the audience won’t ever feel safe. Will we feel the same about Superman?)

By Georgina Pijttersen