Superman Impresses Even More Than Fast and Furious 6

Superman Has Cracked A Difficult Nut

Superman surpasses Fast and Furious 6

Superman impresses with the new installment in the Superman franchise: Man of Steel“. Superman flexed his muscles, and attracted more viewers than it’s rival this weekend, Seth Rogen’s “This is the End,” a movie about the end of the world as we know it. “Man of Steel” raked in $113.1 million at the box office. This gives the movie the lead domestically, because it’s the second-largest debut weekend, and the biggest June opening of all time. Fast and Furious 6 surpassed Superman during Memorial weekend, however if we compare the weekend days, and forget a moment about holiday Monday, then Superman earned even more movie goers money than Fast and Furious 6. (Fast and furious 6 earned $96.8 million during the three days of the weekend whereas “Man of Steel” earned $113.1 million.) Superman is of to a great start.

The Superman fans have had to be patient for seven years. This might explain the run to the cinema, or maybe it was Christopher Nolan’s involvement, Nolan is the director of the Dark Knight trilogy. British-born Henry Cavill who portrays the man of steel might have done his bit to attract the public, as well as Amy Adams who plays cute Lois Lane. (However there is a bit of an age gap. Amy/Lois is nine years older than Henry/Superman. Does this seem odd? Because in the original comic there was no age difference. It wasn’t that Lois was much younger, but also not that there was almost a 10 years age gap.) In total Superman impresses us all, or at least the movie going public, because they have voted with their money, in short “Man of Steel” made $125 million, counting everything, including early screenings, in total this weekend. They have made even more than Fast and Furious 6 during their opening weekend. Very impressive indeed, because for a while Fast and Furious 6 seemed untouchable.

The male/female movie going public ratio was quite surprising for this movie. It was almost equal. 56 percent male, and 44 percent female audience. There were more women than is usual for super hero movies. It might be that Superman is more popular with women than any other super hero, or it might be like Warner Bros’ president of theatrical distribution Dan Fellman said Superman is more family friendly. It might just be a good movie to watch with all the members of the family. Fellman said: “The film is playing extremely well for younger male fans as well as the family.”

Have you seen “Man of Steel” already? Or are you still planning to go? Which of the super hero’s is your favorite? Funny, wealthy, and maybe a tiny bit arrogant Iron Man? (Iron Man is the only one of the super hero’s who doesn’t hide his identity) Dark, moody, but brave Dark Knight? (Who would have thought that Christian Bale was going to be the “real” Batman, right? If you saw “American Psycho” you probably didn’t think: “Now, there is a super hero!”), or do you prefer sweet spidey man? Or Cat Woman? Lois Lane might not be a super hero but she usually impresses by just being her human self. Let us know in the comments!

Either way one thing is for sure: Superman has cracked a difficult nut by earning even more than Fast and Furious 6, lets hope “Man of Steel” continues on this winning streak.

By Georgina Pijttersen




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