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Supermoon Gives Rise to Folks and Fusions


Supermoon is clearly a matter of science in clear eyes. The moon will be 7% larger than normal full moons as it comes closest to the earth. The brightest moon of the year is already giving much hype and light to enlighten our eyes. But The Supermoon gives rise to moon folks, myths and fusions. In this age of “Twilight Saga” and wolf packs no one seems suspicious on the presence of Supermoon folks. In fact we are very interested to know the folklores and secret of wolf howls around the Supermoon.

According to oldest mythologies, the moon is another name of illusion and in case of Supermoon the illusion spreads best. The Supermoon hypnotizes men to see the moon bigger and brighter. Even though the moon isn’t bigger without any viewing tools, still it has some kind of illusion to appear bigger in human eyes. The Supermoon, like full moon of any other days, appears above the houses or treetops but casts a spell making itself bigger, brighter and beautiful.

Nobody quite understands why the Moon illusion happens, but here are two of the theories psychologists think might explain this effect.

One theory claims that our brain perceives the distance to the sky directly overhead as closer than the distance to the horizon. We think the Moon must be bigger along the horizon because we perceive the distance to the horizon as farther away. It is nothing but an illusion that we can’t avoid even if we strongly believe in science and ignore myths. As people of ancient days considered earth a round plate, we still can’t avoid the lunatic illusions.

Psychologists have also suggested that an overhead Moon looks smaller because it’s surrounded by empty space, while a Moon near the horizon appears larger juxtaposed against trees and buildings.

The moon has always cast spells on us knowingly or unknowingly. Indian folks believe the supermoon brings good luck and happiness whereas ancient Egyptians used to worship the brighter supermoon. Greeks also related themselves to the auspicious full moon. The greeks were the first to use moonstones as lucky charm. Ancient Indians had created some rituals to satisfy the moon as they truly believed enraged moon can bring about floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities. Capricious human beings were always eager to worship folks, fusions and something surreal.

The Supermoon’s relation to large tides and crazy waves is totally scientific; the supermoon gives rise to stronger pull of gravitation than any other days often resulting in vibrational tensions, massive floods, earthquakes and volcano eruptions. Science is making us eager to know about the folks revolving around the moon. Even if we ignore wolf facts as pure byproduct of fantasy, we’ll still remember about wolf howls either read on books or seen on movies. The Supermoon finds mate for wolves; and our subconscious mind will still wait for a perfect “Jacob Black” to make life worth living.

The supermoon might look bigger than normal if you see it in the evening when the Moon’s just rising, but the real size difference isn’t big enough to notice.

As always, a full Moon is a great opportunity for astrophotography — it’s so bright that you only need exposures of a fraction of a second, just like daylight photos. The supermoon technically happens at 7:32 a.m. (EDT) on Sunday morning, but the Moon will shine just about as full and bright at sunset on Saturday as it will at sunset on Sunday.

Our whimsical mind loves folks and fusions like a child and inside we don’t really grow up; so the supermoon casts spells on us only to remind we are still children in the lap of nature.

In spite of the queue of facts, The Supermoon gives rise to innumerable folks and fusions. Though it’s always there, in every evening above your home,  you can’t really ignore its charm; be it bluish or yellowish or vibrant white  it’s always here to cast illusions on your mind’s sky.
Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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