Suspicious Activity by Aaron Hernandez

Suspicious activities such as smashing a home security system have developed into the homicide investigation involving Patriots' Tight End Aaron Hernandez.
Suspicious activities such as smashing a home security system have developed into the homicide investigation involving Patriots’ Tight End Aaron Hernandez.

Being sued for a February shooting incident, and investigated in a homicide investigation, New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez has not helped his case today. Reports from the investigation have surfaced that he has taken part in several suspicious activities today.

The home security system, which included video that potentially could have provided evidence in the investigation, was destroyed along with his cell phone, which was handed over to authorities in pieces. Police are also looking into why Hernandez hired a cleaning crew to come to his home the day after the murder.

An investigator revealed to ABC News that “he destroyed his home security system.” Authorities have since concluded that the system was destroyed intentionally.

The news of the suspicious activity with the cleaning crew and destroyed property has surfaced soon after it has become known that Aaron Hernandez has not been ruled out as a suspect in the homicide investigation.

Connections between the tight end and the victim, 27 year old Odin Lloyd have also surfaced recently. Shanea Jenkins the sister of Hernandez girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, was dating Lloyd at the time of his death. Shanea initially was not around after the death of her boyfriend, and police were concerned for her safety before locating her Wednesday.

Evidence is piling up for investigators. Along with the suspicious activity by Hernandez discovered today, three rental cars belonging to the tight end were also searched. One was revealed to have a broken mirror and was dropped off in a hurry some time late the night of the murder.

Hernandez also was seen partying with Lloyd and two other men at a club the night of the murder, the four men left the bar together, but only three were seen returning to the home of Hernandez at the end of the night. A teenage jogger found the body of Odin Lloyd the next morning.

As a member of the New England Patriots, Aaron Hernandez has been well schooled in the Bill Belichick school of not getting involved with the media. This investigation is proving no different, as Hernandez has ignored the swarm of reporters stationed outside his house. His lawyer, Michael Fee, has also remained quiet, releasing only a statement explaining why they have not spoken out since the story broke.

“It has been widely reported in the media that the state police have searched the home of our client, Aaron Hernandez, as part of an ongoing investigation. Out of respect for that process, neither we nor Aaron will have any comment about the substance of that investigation until it has come to a conclusion,” the statement read.

The New England Patriots also have been quiet on the incident.

Although Sports Illustrated has announced that the arrest of the tight end was likely due to his involvement in the case, there is no official word on whether or not that is true.

He is also being sued for his alleged role in a February shooting. The lawsuit was filed last week, although there is no mention of Hernandez on the police report from that shooting incident.

Suspicious activity certainly appears to be piling up for Aaron Hernandez, although no charges have yet been filed.

This is a developing story and more will be made available as we become aware.

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