Syria Should Not be an American Problem


Commentary by James Turnage

The Vietnam War began by sending ‘advisors’ to the south.  A minimal beginning led to a full scale U.S. involvement resulting in the first loss America experienced when it entered a war.  Since that time, we made serious mistakes in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Syria should not be an American Problem.

There has been no exception in the 21st century.  We have failed at every attempt to invade or wage war on another country.  The costs to the United States created a nearly terminal situation.  Thousands of lives were lost, and trillions of dollars were spent without any way of reimbursing the American taxpayer.  Multiple lies were told to the American people, and our country’s citizens remain divided.  If you add into the equation the last war of the 20th century, the Vietnam debacle, we have proven that we’re not very good at intervening in the events occurring in other countries.

I, and most Americans, who are not members of the federal government, do not care what the results of the insurgency in Syria become.  It is not our responsibility, and is of no concern to us.  It would only cost the American taxpayer more money, and probably result in the loss of American life, and finally make the world less safe for Americans.

The Syrian rebels, right or wrong, are Islamic extremists.  Any aid from the United States will only result in increased enmity between the Arab world and the West.

Thursday, the Obama administration said that they have confirmed that 150 Syrians were killed by the use of chemical weapons.  The President declared that this was the “red line,” and that we would be giving aid to the rebels.

Before the Iraq invasion, we were told that there had been confirmed evidence of weapons of mass destruction, WMD’s.  We were told that Osama Bin Laden was hiding in Afghanistan, and that the United States was going to get him “no matter what the situation.”

Our government uses false information to make fools of its people.  Why do we want to get involved in Syria?  What advantage does it offer the American people?

Our imperialist policies must stop.  Not one, single, positive outcome can be claimed by our country when getting involved in the governments of other countries, who, by the way, have not asked for our assistance.

America has its own problems.  And they are many.  We have a government that is failing the American people.  We face an uncertain future economically and politically.  We have no faith in those we have elected, and that may be the saddest fact, and the most serious problem of all.

American involvement in Syria may sound to some as a humanitarian effort.  It is far from that.  It is 100 percent political.  The Syrian government is supported by Russia.  The rebels are supported by Iran and Hezbollah.  Involvement by the United States is an effort to obtain a secure situation for Israel.

Israel, while one of our greatest allies, may become our most serious problem.  Although our government has great influence on the miniscule country, they are a sovereign state, with nuclear capability.  As with any country, the choice of leadership dictates national policy.  The more hawkish Israel becomes, the more chance the United States will become involved in another war which we may very likely lose.

It’s time for our government to cease all types of foreign aid, and care for its own people.  Syria is not, and should not be another problem for America.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express.