Tax Inequality Defeated by Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Ruling

DOMA and Same Sex Marriage Advocates Pinned to Computer Screens
The Supreme Court has ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional thereby defeating the marriage and tax inequality of LGBT individuals.

The court rulings, delivered in separate cases, mean that same-sex couples who marry in states where it’s legal for them to do so will be treated the same as heterosexual married couples by the federal government when it comes to things like retirement benefits and taxes, reports CNN.

“Today’s historic decisions put two giant cracks in the dark wall of discrimination that separates committed gay and lesbian couples from full equality,” said Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Commission. He called the rulings “a joyous milestone.”

From the social aspect of the ruling, many on the opposing side of today’s ruling view the courts findings as a sort of Pandora’s box.

“We’re disappointed in the short-term results and the short-term questions that remain unsettled, but the public conversation continues and that’s a good thing,” said the Rev. Rob Schenck, president of the Evangelical Church Alliance, which opposes same-sex marriage.

San Francisco and New York City, two of the nations biggest LGBT clusters, will have more to celebrate this week as they prepare for gay pride parades and celebrations.  However, gay advocates have qualms too.

Gay rights groups cheered the two 5-4 rulings, but lamented that the high court stopped short of invalidating laws and constitutional bans in the dozens of states where gay marriage remains illegal. Nevertheless, the ruling by the Supreme Court against marriage and tax inequality is a landmark ruling. Striking down DOMA will set the stage for a more directed fight in states across the country.

Source : CNN, Washington Times




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