Taylor Swift Still Considered Country?

Taylor Swift Still Considered Country?

We all know the popular singer/songwriter, Taylor Swift. When Taylor started out her music was mostly country with a pop twist. Taylor’s career of course got started in the country genre and many of her songs still are, but do  they belong there? Her latest song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” hit country radio August 13, 2012. This new song by Taylor was far from country in many peoples beliefs. George Jones, George Strait, Tim McGraw, and Jonny Cash are the most memorable country singers who have kept the true meaning of country and country radio alive, but where is Taylor going with all of this new music? Should Taylor just quit country and go straight to pop? Many of Taylor’s die hard fans believe that its so. We never really hear of her anymore, but we still hear her music…What do you think Taylor should do?

Written: Danielle S.

One Response to "Taylor Swift Still Considered Country?"

  1. James Robert Poindexter III   August 9, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    She is packaged and sold by Nashville record execs who, thru commercial brainwashing to a demographic of immature poor white trash with self image issues who themselves have no idea what is country music. That is what makes her considered country.


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