The Bling Ring Out to Rob YOU Not Famous People

They Moved On From Rich People To You

The Bling Ring out to Rob YOU

For some reason Sofia Coppola decided to capture the dramatic story of a group of young thieves who robbed the houses of some famous people. (Lets not really talk about celebrities here because the houses belonged to Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, and super celeb Aurdina Patridge, also lets forget about the artistic integrity Sofia used to have. Because who could forget ‘Lost in Translation‘, ‘The Virgin Suicides‘ and ‘Marie Anotoinette‘. Apparently Coppola forgot, because her new movie ‘The Bling Ring‘ might have had a fun premise the result feels like ‘The Bling Ring‘ decided to team up with Sofia, and is out to rob you, and me instead of famous people.

What happened?

In 2009 the thieves began their escapades, and had figured out a way to rob some celebrities. No real intelligence was necessary, no ‘Ocean’s Eleven‘ tactics here. The LA teenager group learned when the residents weren’t home through Internet gossip sites, entered the homes through unlocked doors, and windows, and if that wasn’t an option they found the key in a flower pot ,or under a mat. Yes, that’s right. Apparently Lindsay, Paris, Rachel B. and Audrina believed that they lived in a friendly Disney village where you can keep your doors unlocked, and ask your neighbor for some sugar, anytime.

Isn’t it amazing that these teenagers could gain access that easily? That there were no watchdogs, impressive security men or laser beams triggered by motion sensors. Apparently these famous girls didn’t mind that people would be able to get in so easily. Or maybe they never imagined somebody would actually think that it would be a good idea to burgle their homes. Who knows, because  Sofia Coppola hasn’t answered any of these questions.

Sofia’s story

She is busy, as always, attempting to give us fascinating images, show us beautiful homes, and has no clear idea of where to go with the story. Let alone going in depth. It truly feels like Sofia, and The real Bling Ring is out to rob us, they have gotten everything they wanted from those so called famous people, and now they are lurking in the dark to get us to willingly part with our money in order to see a visually pleasing, but utterly empty movie about teenagers who felt the need to take what wasn’t theirs, from air heads who didn’t really earn it in the first place.


The positive side is that there are some really funny jokes in the movie, that Sofia has changed reality for the better. How else could Emma Watson’s Character be so funny if Sofia would have stuck to the pole dancer image instead of being a home schooled trollop? Another nice thing is, that Sofia Coppola finally made a new movie. Her movies are different, pleasing to the eye, and it’s better if you do not try to make too much sense out of them. It’s like going for a cute, glamorously dressed up cup cake. Fun to look at, mouth watering, can’t wait to devour it, but with kind of a bland after taste. (Including hours on the treadmill.) If you don’t see it like that then please be advised not to go and watch it, because you will feel like The Bling Ring was out to rob you after they had cleaned out the pockets of some famous people. (In all honesty they probably were, how much do they get from the proceedings of this movie anyway?)

By Georgina Pijttersen


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