Miss USA Contestant Got Branded (Video)

Miss USA Contestant Got Branded

Sunday night at 9 pm June 16, 51 young, beautiful and talented young ladies will be vying to be the next Miss USA and one contestant has that little something extra, Miss Virginia got branded. You can actually see the blonde-haired student getting the brand in the video below, that she posted up on YouTube!

Miss West Virginia Chelsea Welch has a permanent souvenir from her time spent in Tanzania where she spent time studying abroad when she was a student. It is a perfectly round circle on her back, that she decided to let the Massai tribe “brand” on her back.

The 22 year-old grad student explained, “The Massai, they put a lot of burns and scars on their body. They think it beautifies them. So at the end of my trip they asked if I wanted to receive one of their traditional circle brands, so I thought, ‘Well why not, let’s go for it.'”

The Miss West Virginia title holder only recently posted a “Road to the Crown” video with an image of herself getting the distinctive mark. When anyone asks for the meaning of the circular brand, Welch readily admits that she doesn’t know. She said, “The circle, they think is just a beautiful shape, I don’t think there really is a specific meaning to the shape,” she said.

But the Miss USA Contestant doesn’t want people to think that she is overly impulsive. She revealed that she only got the brand after she had, “thought about it for awhile.” She said, “I thought, well, if I ever do a pageant one day or model one day, I’d want it in a place where I could easily hide it. So I have it on my upper back.”

But the biggest concern that Chelsea had wasn’t about the pain, or what the panel of pageant judges might think. Her biggest worry was about her Mom!

The Miss USA contestant revealed, “I didn’t tell my mom because I knew she’d be mad at me. I had a friend take my photo while it was happening and I uploaded it as my profile picture on Facebook and that was the first time that my mom knew that I did it and she called me so upset.”

Apparently, Miss Welch is one of the leading candidate’s for the title of Miss USA. If she wins, she could become a real “brand” name!

The Miss USA beauty pageant takes place every year. A group of 51 beauty queens from every U.S. state and the District of Columbia are preparing to woo and win the hearts of the panel of Miss USA judges so that they can become the next Miss USA title holder.

The Reigning queen Nana Meriwether will relinquish her crown and the posh New York apartment that comes with it at the 62nd annual event. She will usher in her successor during the competition Sunday evening at the Planet Hollywood hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

Most of the beauty queen contestants will be sent home in the preliminary rounds. After the pageants fashion show competition the hopeful Miss USA’s will be narrowed down to 15. The remaining young ladies will then compete for the crown in the three remaining competitions: swimsuit, evening gown and the interview.

Contestants cannot have been married or have children and they must be younger than 27.

Luckily for Chelsea Welch there are no Miss USA restrictions on getting a brand!

Miss USA doesn’t feature a talent event or a charity mission. The judging panel this year will include the OTT fashion designer Betsey Johnson, Biggest Loser star Bob Harper and the Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me personality Mo Rocca.

The pageant will air live on NBC on Sunday June 16 and will be hosted by Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers pop act and Giuliana Rancic, co-anchor of “E! News.” There will be performances by the Jonas Brothers and DJ Pauly D.

As the network co-owns the parent Miss Universe Organization with Donald Trump, tonight’s winner will go on to represent the United States at the Miss Universe pageant in the winter. Last year’s Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, won that international crown, becoming the first Miss USA to ascend to Miss Universe in 16 years.

All the Miss USA hopefuls have been staying at the Planet Hollywood casino for the past week, but they haven’t had time to hit the flashing slot machines or to try the oversized novelty drinks at the plush casino. But after tonight, most of the young ladies will have to return to “the real world.”

The night’s winner will also become a spokeswoman for breast and ovarian cancer awareness and other causes, while traveling to promote the organisation. So the Miss USA contestant who got branded may be the first title holder to have her own “brand” and she might just start a new and somewhat painful trend.

By Michael Smith


4 Responses to "Miss USA Contestant Got Branded (Video)"

  1. jeff   June 16, 2013 at 9:11 am

    She’s squishes her eyes when she smiles.

    • jeff   June 16, 2013 at 9:55 am

      Maybe a beauty pageant shouldn’t allow make-up in any of the categories.
      One thing being branded or tattooed shouldn’t discount you but there shouldn’t be anything on you that you weren’t born with.
      You can enter until they change the rules, but then you are saying that what you are born with needs improvement, so wouldn’t that discount you the moment that you arrived at the decision to get this body altering whatever it would be.
      Maybe they should blatantly put on the forms following this event that no body or mind alterations or improvements except diet and fitness. you can not be mentally out of whack or using any kind of drugs or alcohol no matter what.
      Vitamins sure but no body altering drugs or anything physically enhancing natural or man-made.
      If they are trying to set the icon for beauty, and trying to lead the way in morality also. Then that would be a healthy regimen as well. So they couldn’t smoke either, anything. Because basically little girls are the ones most influenced by this, and you want your kids healthy, without question.
      She talked more fluently than some I have heard.
      Although I don’t follow this because they basically don’t end up doing the above stuff, so why watch if they are trying to look Egyptian with all the make-up they wear in a Miss U.S.A. pageant.
      When in Egypt with some world pageant then who cares because the Egyptians are basically the creators of make-up. Probably why women wear make-up.
      So if they entered the miss world pageant and it was in Egypt they would all lose if they hadn’t worn make-up before except for Miss Egypt. Of course if you end up in Tanzania for a Miss World or something pageant and it has a body altering method that everyone must wear or get, then no it shouldn’t be allowed.
      They might end up in Saudi Arabia and all the women must lose their virginity to some sheikh, and that would be of course no.
      Nor would they have to change their religion. Basically just the dress and dance and worldly moral customs of the sponsor country holding that years event, that would make it even for all countries and more rounded for all the contestants because they would be changing every year and everyone would have to know what they are doing and would possibly pay more attention to others customs besides the body or mind altering ones.

  2. super.happy   June 16, 2013 at 8:39 am

    She’s a cutie and very well-spoken. Good luck, WV!

  3. jonny rocket   June 16, 2013 at 7:51 am

    what a waste of a video.


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