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Clinton Global Initiative

Run Hilliary Run
Run Hilliary Run

Chicago is buzzing this weekend but it has nothing to do with its baseball teams playing well. This week former President, Bill Clinton, along with his political juggernaut the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) took over downtown Chicago along with bringing delegates from all over the world to come and discuss the social and economic maladies of the world. And of course with Bill in the room, reporters cannot help themselves but to turn the discussion toward his wife Hillary and her intentions for the next presidential election. Run, Hillary, run!

America has long since had a soft spot for Mrs. Clinton. Even after the scandal in Benghazi, the senate hearings and evidence of some type of cover up, Hillary always seems to escape unscathed and ready for the next battle. America will always embrace a fighter who can overcome the odds. Isn’t that the foundation on which our country was built? After enduring a very public family meltdown in the White House, Hillary became the standard for strong women and a rally point.

It is somewhat fascinating to see this iconic figure surface on social media outlets like Twitter. Just a few weeks ago it was rumored thsy Hillary was activating a Twitter account and the internet went crazy. We all have a bit of voyeurism within us. We revel at the opportunity to peak into the very private lives of those we have seen through the years. And on cue, Clinton did not disappoint. Her bio on Twitter has set the stage for a comedic, light hearted Hillary; one we have not seen in past times. She introduces herself to the Twitter world as a wife, mom, lawyer, Secretary of State, and just for laughs she even identifies such skill sets as “hair icon” and “pantsuit aficionado” This seems to be more like how a Saturday Night Live parodist would describe Clinton than anything she would publicly say about herself. But it looks like she has opened a door for us all to see her with a much softer side. Having the ability to laugh at yourself is a sure sign of a genuine future ruler of the free world.

The question remains, “Is the world ready for its first female president of the United States?” While at dinner recently with some women who have a passion and drive for empowering young ladies around the country this subject surfaced. I was humbled and proud to hear the responses. One person said that the very future of the world as we know it is hinged on our ability to develop and cultivate the mighty ‘female’ spirit in our girls. It puts a tremendous burden upon every shoulder to help release this potential. We are seeing great strides for women in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). But we are still in need of leaders and revolutionist like New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo who has proposed the Women’s Equality Act which will allow women to sue an employer for violating their rights to be paid equally as men for the same positions and results.

Hillary Clinton’s resume has never had to play second fiddle to her husband’s. She has proven herself over and over that she isn’t looking for a pity vote; in fact, quite the contrary. She has worked for years to solidify herself as a real thought leader, innovator and advocate for many. With these classifications, we just may be poised to see Hillary run.

By: Cherese Jackson

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