The Dead Don’t Always Die, Waiting Sucks for Season 6 True Blood Premiere – Official Trailer Video

Spoiler Rumours on Pam Ravenscroft as The TrueBlood Character That Leaves the Show

Spoiler alerts that may be more of a tease, than the truth, for the True Blood Season 6 Premiere have Truebies in a sweaty palmed, heart palpitating, painful thirst for answers tomorrow night. The terrifying hint that a major cast member, possibly heart throb and Nordic beauty Eric Northman was due to bite the dust hit fans with a punch so hard, it left them gasping for air.

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Hollywood Life reports that a long time fan favorite will meet their demise and final scene, within 10 minutes of the show’s opening! The Blood Will Spill

It’s heartbreaking,” Ryan Kwanten told us about the table read. “I was actually quite surprised that we had survived as long as we have without any true main cast dying. It was tough; even in the table read when we knew that this character was going to go, there were tears galore.”


Some fans are less easily convinced that a major character will actually be taken out of the series this season. In retrospect, This isn’t the first time that fans have been succulently teased with the loss of a major cast member. Season four ended with Tara Mae Thornton (played by Rutina Wesley), the best friend of Sookie Stackhouse, since childhood, (played by Rutina Wesley) shot in the head, and everyone wondering if she would die in Season five. Tara lived, well kinda.. she died and was brought back as the vampire progeny of Pam Ravenscroft (played by Kristin Bauer van Straten).
And in Season 3, the cliff hanger finale had the vampire king of Mississippi, and Chancellor of the Vampire Authority, Russel Edgington buried alive in a pit of concrete; which many thought would take him out of the picture, but he lived through season four long enough to lead an anti-human faction coup d’ etat that overthrew the Vampire Authority and lead to all hell breaking loose by the end of Season 5.

It is said, that the seventh epidsode of Season 6 on TrueBlood is titled “The Funeral” and this to me, is a bit of a tricky hint. As Trubies know all too well, a funeral in Bon Temps often means someone is coming back from the grave. If the “death” in question is the permanent loss of a character from the series, than most likely the character will be a vampire, as any human or werewolf could be brought back as a vampire. The question that burns with an insatiable desire for an answer, is which one?

This author’s top two nominees for the destroyed vampire is either Pam or Tara. The vote for Pam comes from the observation that her character is not listed on the HBO cast member page. Minor technical oversight perhaps, or perhaps it was a deliberate omission in preparation for a season without her. Second nominee has to be Tara because of the questions asked within an exclusive E! Interview with the cast of the True Blood Series.

“The table read was really sad, heartfelt. That person cried. We all clapped, and then in True Blood fashion, we had red velvet cake,” Joe Manganiello revealed to us. “When someone dies, they serve red velvet cake. Like, bloody cake, and you eat it ceremoniously, which is kind of what werewolves do.”

The host of the interview later asks actress (played by Rutina Wesley) who plays Tara Mae Thornton if she had cried at the table reading, to which she responded carefully but rather tensely that they all cried together. One of them lied.

Joe Manganiello says specifically and clearly that “the person who got cut cried, he didn’t say the entire group did, and surely if the group had all broken down in tears, he would have said that.

Until tomorrow, it all just fun speculation, when the Season Premiere  Season 6 of TrueBlood satisfiess our Truebie hunger for answers and conclusions, war and bloodshed, romance and mystery, fantasy and imagination.


by Tonnya Marisse


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