The Voice Final Three Standing (Review)


The Voice (NBC) is a two-hour episode tonight, the Final Three competitors are still standing, and all of America is dying to know who will be the ultimate winner.

Team Blake Shelton has two acts remaining, The Swon Brothers and Danielle Bradberry. Team Blake is the clear favorite, but Blake Shelton’s team has won the past two years so perhaps this will be the year that they are finally beaten.

Danielle Bradberry, 16, is the youngest of the competitors remaining in the competition. If she wins, she would be the youngest ever to win The Voice. If The Swon Brothers win, that would be the first time ever that a duet has won, so history will be made in either case.

There is one other competitor standing in their path to victory, though, and she is Team Usher’s final competitor, Michelle Chamuelle. Michelle has given consistently strong performances, and is one of America’s favorites as far as voting goes, so the competition will be tough.

Shakira has no team members left in the competition, but she will still add her comments and point of view about the performances of those competitors who are remaining.

Blake Shelton and Usher started the night off with the Beatles’ classic “With a Little Help From My Friends”.  It was a great performance, though a little strange to hear it sung by these two particular performers.

Next up, The Swon brothers sang their first song of the night. They sang  “I Can’t Tell You Why'” by The Eagles, and did a very good job even using falsetto voices for parts of the tune.  It’s a classic track, so nice choice. They gave a solid performance.

Usher said that they were only missing the “third Bee Gee.” Shakira waved a “Go Okies” flag, and cheered them on with her enthusiasm. She said that she was a fan and liked their song choice.

Blake called it the best season yet of The Voice.  He praised The Swon Brothers for “constantly evolving.”

Michelle Chamuelle gave a stunning performance, singing “I Knew You Were Trouble,” by Taylor Swift. She was wearing a cool-looking red leather jacket.

The judges and audience really loved the performance. Shakira said she thinks Michelle’s energy is “contagious” and she’s glad that America has finally seen what an original artist she is. She continued, calling Michelle “extraordinary” and said that she’s glad that glad she made it to the end.

Adam said that there’s no one who can reproduce the effect she has on the audience. He  callede it “the coolest thing in the world”.

Blake stated that he was thrilled to see the evolution of Michelle as an artist as she became the rock star that’s in front of his eyes now.

Usher declared her “the winner” right then and there. He added that this performance marked a “turning point” and that it was the “defining moment” of her career.

The last one to sing her first song was Danielle Bradberry. Bradberry performed  with Blake Shelton the song called “Timber, I’m Falling In Love”. Danielle started off a bit shaky with her vocals at the very beginning, but her voice and confidence  got stronger as she sang, and ended up doing a fantastic job with the song.

The Swon Brothers started off Round Two with “Danny’s Song.” Their original performance of it earlier in the season,  along with their performance of Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page,” are the two reasons they are still in the competition.

Usher said that he loves that they personalized the song and were able to carry out the message of the original version of the song and did it “such justice.”

Adam agreed with Usher and added that sometimes a song that everyone knows but hasn’t heard in a long time is “refreshing” because it can bring back great memories of the past.

Blake said that he doesn’t think it feels like an old song at all. He replied that he believes it can be on radio now, today. In fact, he said that he was  sure when he goes back to Oklahoma, the radio there will be playing their version of the song.

Michelle’s second performance was of Annie Lennox’s “Why.”  It was IMHO a fantastic song choice for her. She was wearing a simple white suit and sang the tune powerfully, rockin’ it. She is certainly making her case for America to keep her on and vote her into the Winner’s Circle!

Shakira said that she wanted everyone to know what a “humble and sweet person” Michelle is behind the scenes. She continued, saying that paired with talent, it’s the recipe for success.

Blake joked that he was “freaked out” by Michelle singing into a mirror and seeing a different reflection. He then said that he appreciated seeing a more “laid back” performance from her.

Next, The Swon brothers sang again, with Blake, though Danielle Bradberry hadn’t had the chance to sing her second song yet. They sang the song “Celebrity” with Blake.

Danielle Bradberry then finally performed her second song. Blake said that he thought the song that was Danielle Bradbery’s most transformative performance was “Maybe It Was Memphis.”

Danielle sang it early on in the season, and then performed it tonight. She did an awesome job, as usual, and she will definitely be difficult to beat.

Then, the three got together for a filler song, but they nevertheless sang it well. The three finalists got together for a rendition of “Home” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. As they sang, the other Top 12 performers came out and joined them on stage, singing the tune.

The last performance of Round Two was Danielle Bradberry. She performed Sara Evans’ “Born to Fly.” It marked Danielle’s first full-on uptempo song of the season.

Danielle and Michelle, IMHO, will be the Final Two competitors left tomorrow when America’s voting is revealed. As to which of them will be the ultimate winner, who knows?

Michelle Chamuelle and Usher sang a duet of U2’s “One Love” that again highlighted what an excellent singer Michelle is — I’ve been wrong before this season with my choices, but I’m going to say that Michelle will be declared the winner on Tuesday, June 18.

What do YOU think? Tune in Tuesday to NBC’s The Voice and see which of the Final Three standing will be declared the season’s winner!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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