The Voice Winners The SWON BROTHERS?

Unless 16-year-old Country Cutie Danielle Bradbery Wins

The Voice The Swon Brothers will win

The Voice fans are speculating widely which of the four contestants will win. Will it be The Swon Brothers, country singer Danielle Bradbery, or Michelle Chamuel? On Monday night the contestants could sing one new song, some where depending heavily on their coach, others only listened to their input. A high light of the show was when the contestants reprised a song that  could be considered a “defining moment” of this season. The coaches also earned their salary that evening by performing a duet with their chosen ones. A group number was also in the cards that evening, and the other 16 contestants joined them on stage. This was all well, and good, quite good actually, but who is it going to be? Some fans are certain it will be The Swon Brothers who will win.

Their reasoning? The Brothers are the first duo to make it to the final. Some even believe that their talent stands out, and that they raise the bar every time they perform. It might be true that they are very likable, and give their fans what they want the most: versatile cuteness with All American goodness thrown in the mix.

The Swon Brothers demonstrated this by signing a version of the Eagles “I Can’t Tell You Why,” with which Adam Levine seemed really pleased. Adam is a fan of the Eagles, and thought the brothers performed this song really well. Maybe the Swon family form of punishment has given them that extra bit to win The Voice. (The Swon family’s way of punishment would be if the boys couldn’t stop fighting to send them to their room, and make them write a song. Otherwise they couldn’t come out.)

However some fans will disagree with this assesment. They want Michelle to win. For them she is that fresh new singer who should be recognised, and win the competition. According to the Michelle Chamuel supporters the Swon Brothers sing the same song every week, have no artistry, and not an ounce of international appeal. They also don’t think that Danielle will win. According to them country singers have ruined The Voice already, country music fans will vote to see “their” contestant win, and then they won’t want to buy her albums. However the Michelle fans acknowledge that Chamuel probably won’t win. This doesn’t mean she won’t be successful. Usher has promised her that he would continue working with her. Not a bad promise from somebody like Usher who has a successful label.

As always the different supporter camps will remain divided until finally we will have our answer. No matter if: “Danielle Bradbery is so much better.  A great voice.  And even Carrie Underwood had to start somewhere… Danielle has a better voice.  Country singers RUINED the voice?” not according to the Danielle fans. Lets see what The Swon Brothers have in store for us next week, and if Michelle can make both Usher, and her audience proud. What is your opinion? Who would you want to see, and win The Voice this time round? Country singer? Cute Brother duo? or Usher favorite Michelle?

By Georgina Pijttersen


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