Torrey Smith Rips Patriots Fans on Twitter

Torrey Smith told the Twitter world that he feels the Patriots have the worst fans in football last night.
Torrey Smith told the Twitter world that he feels the Patriots have the worst fans in football last night.

Baltimore Ravens Wide Receiver Torrey Smith took to his Twitter page to blast the fan base of the New England Patriots. Stating that they have some of the worst fans in the sporting world, he is certain to start a fire with his comments. Following a dispute with several fans, he decided to share his feelings for New England.

Three posts were made on Torrey Smith’s Twitter page regarding the Patriots and their fan base. They are quoted below.

After fans didn’t like a joke that he made as an answer for why he was rooting for the Chicago Blackhawks over the Boston Bruins in last night’s NHL playoff match up, in which he said “I hate everything about NE except KG.”

Criticized for his comments, he took then followed up with a tweet about the New England fans.

“I understand that every Fan base has bad fans what I’m saying is NE fans have more than others and think they are better than everyone else.”

Angry Patriots’ fans then accused him of simply being jealous of the number of Super Bowls that their team has won in comparison with the two that Torrey Smith’s Ravens have won.

Smith insisted that wasn’t the case, explaining that “as much as I dislike MOST of the fan base I can honestly say that I respect the coaches and ownership.”

Realizing that this conversation could start a debate that would cause some bad publicity, Torrey Smith posted one final Tweet to end his bashing of the Patriots fans. “Ok I’m done starting stuff before I get a phone call from our organization haha…no apologies I meant what I said.”

Torrey Smith doesn’t like the Patriots fans, as the posts on his Twitter page made clear last night, however the poor relationship between the two parties is not something that developed out of nowhere. Playing through the death of his brother last season, Smith said that the Patriots fans ripped him as well as his deceased brother on Twitter in the aftermath of the Ravens win over New England.

He also stated that he was upset because he “got called the N word so many times last night like there are no black folks that represent NE…typical.”

Acknowledging that the New England fans do not like him, and that the feeling is mutual, Torrey Smith sent out one more post on Twitter, reading “I’m done responding to fans who confirmed what I originally said…having 1 fan base out of 32 hate you isn’t bad…don’t need y’all see ya.”

The two teams play each other often being perennial contenders in the same conference. It will be interesting to see if the battle between Torrey Smith and Patriots fans on Twitter results in a more heated rivalry when the two teams next play each other.

Was he wrong in calling the Patriots fan base the worst in football? Leave your pick for the worst fan base in the comments, along with a reason why. Lets see who the people think has the worst fans in the game.

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