True Blood Promises Tons of Blood, Drama and Love Triangles (Video)

“There is major death. It kind of shocked us at the table read, and is a very emotional moment”

True Blood Promises Tons of Blood, Drama and Love Triangles (Video)

True Blood is right where we left it and the Sixth season looks eerie. Be prepared because one of the main plots will be the love triangle between Sookie-Eric-Bill. As Brian Buckner commented to “Rolling Stone”, they will go back to “soap opera roots, and remember that romance matters in the midst of all the plot we do”

For the Sixth season we are expecting the death of a major character, Carrie Preston and Todd Lowe commented to, “it´s going to be a huge downer of a death”. “There is major death. It kind of shocked us at the table read, and is a very emotional moment”

One of the cliffhangers of season fifth was the burned down of the factory that makes the Tru-Blood. Such beverage was a lifesaver for the vampire race, because they co-exist with humans and stay out of trouble at the same time. We will get answers in the Sixth season, how vampires will feed themselves? And, is the beginning of a new violent era?

Some of you will remember that last season when Jason led a group to the Headquarters of the Vampire Authority, where the Sanguinistas are taking control, a vampire group that despises humans and adore a deity called Lilith, the mother of all vampires.

Bill sees Lilith appear to him, and she called him “the chosen one”. After Bill stakes Salome, he is
about to drink Lilith´s real blood, Eric and Sookie arrived, she tried to stop him from drinking the blood, but he does it anyways, and falls into a pool of blood. Surprisingly for Sookie and Eric, “Billith” rises from the darkness.

An old character is coming back also, she is Portia Bellefleur, she was Andy´s sister and Bill used to hang out with her, but it didn´t last because Bill found out that he was her grand-grand- son.
The new season kicks off with Sookie , and Eric, and Bill, who will have a major change, is the good guy turned bad. After he comes back to life from a pool of blood, he is part Lilith and part himself, so he will have a major battle inside. As Buckner revealed, “she will win for a while”.
According to, International Business Times, Sara and Steve will come to a head to head. Buckner, said about Steve, “He´s going to be on the receiving end of some trouble, and he is going to be causing some trouble”

This season will face some internal challenges, Alan Ball is gone and there is some expectation regarding his absence and what directions the show might take without his lead. The actress Lauren Bowless, who plays Holly said in an interview for Entertainment Weekly, “he felt so secure that all the writers really knew these characters; it wasn´t like we were starting with a whole new staff of people”, and, “he´s sort of staying on as consulting producer. Any major story things I´m sure is run by him”

Buckner said about tumultuous relationship of Sookie and Bill, “The tension is there, but I would say that these characters have never been further apart, romantically”.

The showrunner Brian Buckner is taking the lead and the first episode is, “Who are you, really? It will air on HBO at 9 p.m on Sunday, June 16

By: Oskar Guzman.
Source: Entertainment weekly,, New York Times

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