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True Blood Season Six Major Character To Die Who Do You Want to Get Killed Off? (Poll)

True Blood season six, who do you want to get killed off?
With True Bloods sixth season due to start on Sunday June 16 on HBO, the big news already being talked about is the upcoming death of a principal character in the show. Principal character is spelt, m-a-j-o-r character and if one is going to die, who do you think is should be. Who do you want to get killed off? We want to do a poll and see who you think has outstayed their welcome in Bons Temp.

The news about the “big death” of a major character was let out of the blood bag by new showrunner Brian Buckner while he was talking to Rolling Stone magazine earlier this week. With the new season of True Blood getting started this Sunday, that’s pretty important news.

But that’s not all. According to True Blood stars Carrie Preston and Todd Lowe, who play husband and wife Terry and Arlene, “it’s going to be a huge downer of a death.”

Talking to TODAY.com Lowe said, “There is a major death. It kind of shocked us at the table read, and is a very emotional moment. It was just a big surprise. I had gotten the script late and hadn’t looked into it. So I was kind of like, ‘Oh! Wow! That’s different.’ It saddened a lot of people.”

Carrie Preston said, “We were all very moved by it, and saddened by it. It kind of brought us together as a cast, in a way that we haven’t felt in a while, just as a whole. There were tears. There were lots of tears.”

After the heart wrenching news that an important character was going to be taking a permanent “dirt nap” No one wanted to give a hint who that might be. No one will say who this central character is, but, according to those in the know, it will “pull Bon Temps together.”

According to Preston, season five is going to be making a surprise appearance as the death of Terry’s commander Patrick will continue to impact on the couples life.

Carrie said, “It’s a vampire show, so the stakes are always high! [Terry and Arlene] did something very drastic last season, which is they had to kill somebody — Patrick. They will be dealing with the ramifications of that. … What they did last season continues to weigh heavily on them.”

Lowe said, “That’s drama that’s only going to add to his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).” The actor went on to say of his character, “It wouldn’t be ‘True Blood’ without more problems for everybody, specifically Terry. I can say it’s another emotional season for me.”

Although the husband and wife got rid of their family curse, and the Ifrit that was coming after them at the end of season five by killing Patrick, Lowe himself pointed out that just because it’s over doesn’t mean it is truly over.

Lowe said, “The curse itself is done, but a curse can linger … in the mind even though the physical manifestation of it is done, but there’s other effects of the curse. So we’re going to see some of that.”

That sounds to us like maybe Terry or Arlene may face the literal chop in Bon Temps. But there are a lot more candidates for the big sleep in the show. True Blood season six will ring in a lot of changes, not just in the major characters lives in the show either. But let’s focus on the likely suspects (that we’ve picked) and you can chose from them who you want to get killed of.

Let’s get started:

One of first candidates is Bill Compton. Bill has been a real stinker since season four. Although admittedly, he wasn’t that great in season three. He culminated all his bad attitude and political dirty dealings by drinking Vampire Queen Lilith’s blood the end of season five and after getting reduced to a pile of goo, arose as a new Bill/Lilith and he/she isn’t too happy.

Stephen Moyer plays Bill Compton and he hasn’t said anything about his character’s interesting new arc and whether or not, he/she will be sticking around for the entirety of he new season.

Or what about Eric Northman. It was Northman’s arms that Sookie Stackhouse ran to after her romance with Bill Compton went south. (Oh, the pain of not getting to hear Compton say, “Sookie!) After getting amnesia and almost dying by the hands of the Vampire Authority, he could be a very likely candidate for the big chop.

And speaking of Sookie, she meets another faery half-ling in season six, at least according to the one of the teaser trailers she does. To us, that sort of leaves the door wide open to kick Sookie out and welcome the new half-faery in.

But Anna Paquin is another actor from the show who is keeping stumm about whether or not her character will be meeting the “true death.”

So right here we have five suspects who could be killed off this year.

For our money, with all the attention that was paid to Arlene (Carrie Preston), combined with the fact that her hubby Terry (Todd Lowe) was only a guest in season one and Arlene was a major character from day one, we think she will end up paying the price for Terry killing dad Patrick.

So that is our guess of which five major characters might be carted off from Bons Temp in a coffin this season. But out of that five, what do you think? Who do you want to “buy the big one?”

Do you agree that it will be Arlene or do you think that Terry will be the one who has the curse bite him in the butt?

Is your money on Bill Compton, who has steadily changed from charming to chilling?

How about Eric Northman? Has he been there too long?

An finally, what about Sookie! Heavens knows what Bill ever saw in the waitress from Bon Temps, but with his new personality, he may just short change his tips to her; forever.

So there are our choices. Which one do you think will face the big sleep; the dirt nap; the…Well, you get our meaning. The news that True Blood season six will have a major character die certainly has us thinking and we want to know who you want to kill off. Our polls here on The Guardian Express are just for fun, so have a look at our choices or make your own. We want to know who you think will be going bye-bye from Bon Temps.

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By Michael Smith