Twins born at Tree of Life on Highway 80

Twins born at Tree of life Roadside
Salt Lake City – Seven weeks before their due date, twins were born to mother, Lynette Hales, on the side of the road near the ‘Tree of Life’ Statue on Highway 80.  Hales had gone for one last ‘fun’ weekend with friends to the small Nevada town of Wendover before she would be a new mom again, though she thought she was several weeks away.

After having early labor pains in her hotel room, and finding out there was no local hospital, Lynette and her friends decided to head back to Salt Lake City, 2 hours away, but they didn’t even come close to making it. Inside a green minivan near the ‘Tree of Life’ sculpture, sitting on the barren Bonneville Salt flats, Lynette’s twins were born. The first baby, Jeffery Junior was born before any help could arrive, and he wasn’t breathing.

I was so scared that he wasn’t going to make it and that my choice of being out there was going to cause my babies not to live,” Hales tell reporters Monday at a press conference. Using CPR, mother and friend brought the baby back -“He would look up at me,” she said. “I’m like, ‘I’m not going to let you go.” Utah State Trooper, Nathan Powell soon arrived on the scene to lend assistance to this unexpected state of affairs.

Powell and a fellow trooper helped to deliver baby number two, Anthony James, who was born breech, but fine. Powell reports the second infant was breathing much freer than the first. There they were, on the Bonneville Salt Flats on Interstate 80, the symbolic ‘Tree of Life’ statue guarding the gateway open for mother and twins as new life was born.

Just as the umbilical cords were severed, more help arrived on the scene. Mother and infants were taken by rescue helicopters, with a special crew for high-risk mothers, to the Intermountain Medical Center in the town of Murray, just outside of Salt Lake City. The boys weighed in at only 3 pounds each. Though they are tiny and had somewhat traumatic arrivals into this world, doctors expect them to be just fine. Lynette is hoping that her sweet boys will be able to join them at home by their originally scheduled ‘birth-day’ in August.

Recovering mama reports: “It was hard, it was scary. It was a moment like no other.”

Lynette rejoiced as her husband, Jeff and their 4 other children arrived at the hospital. “They are beautiful.” Jeff remarks grinning. Jeff was completely taken aback to get the call from Lynette Sunday morning with reports of labor and the distance still from the city. His comments to the press conference Monday about the news from his wife were -“It was shocking,” he asked his wife befuddled, “You are where, what?”

Mother, Lynette Hales and her husband speculate their boys are going to be strong and amazing “they’re troopers” they say.

Apparently roadside births are not entirely uncommon on that particular stretch of highway. The trooper reported this was the second set of twins delivered on Interstate 80 this year, though the first time at the ‘Tree of Life.’

A.J. Hales

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: NY Daily News; Salina On-line;

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