United States Supporting Snowden and the Youth Movement


USYouth-The polls on any issue in the United States must be ignored.  To know where our country is headed, look at the opinions of those 35 and under.  Senior citizens, with their archaic beliefs may not like it, but the United States is experiencing a youth movement.

The most recent example of how our country is rapidly changing can be seen in the split of opinions regarding the actions of Edward Snowden.

More than half of Americans believe that revealing the invasion of privacy by the NSA was the right thing to do.  Snowden, himself, said he expects to be punished for his actions, and half of the country thinks he should be.

A Time survey shows that a generational gap exists in Snowden’s support.  The survey indicates younger and older Americans don’t see eye-to-eye over the leak. Seventy percent of those ages 18-34 say Snowden did a “good thing.” That number drops to 50 percent for those ages 35-54 and to 47 percent for those age 55 and older. Forty-one percent of those ages 18-34 say the leaker should be prosecuted. That number rises to 56 percent for those ages 35-54 and to 62 percent for those 55 and older.

Overall support for Snowden has grown to 48 percent, up from Monday’s Gallup poll on Monday, which displayed a 44 percent favorability rating for the whistle blower.

The divide between generations is evident in nearly every issue facing the American people.  Immigration, same-sex marriage, and legalizing marijuana have enormous support by those 35 years old or younger.

Both Democrats and Republicans fail to address the fact that our country is affected by a youth movement with different attitudes about almost everything.  Puritanical America is becoming a part of our past.  A free-thinking, less racist and less prejudicial, nation is emerging.

Yesterday’s revelation of the lowest favorability rating for any group in history will be ignored by that very entity, Congress.  They simply don’t care.  They have the attitude that they will be re-elected no matter what they do.  I wouldn’t be so certain.

Women, minorities, and the under 35 group are all gaining importance in elections.  Within Hispanics, those under 30, who have been living in the United States since birth, or for the most of their lives, are shunning traditional ideas and life styles.  Unlike their parents, they accept alternate life styles, and some have chosen to leave the Catholic Church.

The severity of the generation gap is most evident in Washington.  Our government continues to exist in the past.  They ignore the polls and therefore the will of the American people.  Apparently they underestimate the intelligence and desire for change by our country’s youth.  They disregard their importance.  Washington fails to see the fact that in 10 years, many of our younger citizens will be middle-aged, and running the nation.

Separate polls for different age groups should be taken.  And the opinions of those 55 and older should be discarded.  I’m in that group, and my opinion doesn’t count.  I won’t be around long enough to experience the results of most legislation that will be passed in my lifetime.

Face it America, the United States is experiencing a youth movement.  They are better educated than most of us, and they definitely see our country and the world differently.  Get used to it, and don’t ignore it.  It can’t be stopped.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express



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