Wheatgrass the Powerful LifeForce Generator

Wheatgrass the Powerful Life Force Generator
The tickle of the grass under bare feet beneath the summer sun conjures broad smiles and contagious laughter that can spread throughout a crowd faster than the speed of rain falling in the spring. But what of trays of emerald grasses growing in pots in the kitchen year round and they way tender shoots can stimulate healing, deep connection and release from harsh inner climates? Wheatgrass is a powerful life force generator, which, when harnessed – can tune one into resources beyond current reach.  How?

It has been discovered that the shoots from sprouting wheat berries contain powerful enzymes, vital nutrients and detoxification qualities which can support any willing recipient in greater vitality, mental alertness and the release of toxic inner baggage.  Juice from these delicate grass blades are even safe for the gluten-intolerant individual due to the lack of gluten existing in the grasses. But there is something more, beyond the vitamin and mineral storehouse awaiting deeper discovery. There is a resource of life-force energy which can potentially unleash powerful renewing vibrations and greater connectivity to one’s inner being that perhaps only ancient mystical traditions have known of wheatgrass.

To the Egyptians, the brothers and sisters of the Essene tradition were known as ‘The Healers’ and ‘The doctors’, the Hebrews called them ‘The school of prophets’ as they were dedicated to ‘shining the light into the darkness of their civilization and within themselves. This group of individuals were known to consume a largely raw food diet as well as participate in cleansing practices and meditations for health and renewal. There is evidence that wheat was sprouted by these people and grown into healing grass shoots, not just for consumption and detoxification, but for utilizing it’s powerful life force generating properties.

It is scientifically documented today that humans, as well as plants, emit a field of energy around them which can be photographed using special cameras known as ‘kirlian photography.’ This energy field was described by Russian scientist Alexander Gurvich as a biological field, and that every living thing had one. Russian-born physicist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov developed the camera that could photograph these fields. This field was articulated by Dr. Konstantin:

It’s a complex energy structure of different fields, different natures, and different origins. There are electromagnetic and gravitational fields, as well as fields of molecules and, to some extent, fields of unknown parameters. So the biological field of a living thing, also known as its “aura,” is an invisible structure that correlates its activity to create a unique and united system.

This technology has expanded to create a whole new picture of reality and the interaction humans have with each other and with plants.  “Even though nearly all medical technologies still see life as solid structures, we no longer do. Instead, we see it as a web of energies: a web of fields that are moving, changing, and embracing all that we have in our world, and providing intercommunication between humans, between humans and the environment, and between humans, plants, and animals, as well as the entire noosphere of our world.  That’s why we can see our world from another perspective — from the perspective of changing energies. It opens up a new way for us to understand the reality of life.” says Dr. Konstantin.

Using the knowledge obtained by observing plants with kirlian photography, it was ascertained that plants have a specific time period during their growth cycle – beginning at the sprouting phase – at which the energy emitted from them is greatest.

One of our most interesting experiences was an experiment with seeds when we were studying the bio-electrographic glow of different plants. We measured groups of seeds every six hours during sprouting, and in the beginning their glow was very little. Then, slowly, the glow began to grow stronger. When the sprouts emerged from the seed, the glow became really bright and remained strong for about twelve hours. After that, the glow became smaller.

For me, this experiment indicated clearly that we were seeing the inner potential of the energy contained within the seed. When this seed awakened to new life, it generated a tremendous burst of energy, and our bio-electrographic device was measuring that.

The Essenes apparently knew something about this as they created a certain meditation through which to harness this burst of potential energy.  According to Essene records, such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, information has been distilled as to how to utilize the powerful energy of wheat in its young grass stage.  This technique was called ‘The Biogenic Meditation’ and helps one to ‘make use of the biogenic force present in nature’- biogenic meaning ‘that which gives life.’

Wheatgrass grown in a small, hand-held size cup, after 7 days of sprouting- the grass is ready to become a ‘biogenic battery’ – to recharge the body.  To begin the ‘recharging meditation’ grasp the grass between folded hands, resting elbows on the table.
biogene meditation

Hold the grass this way with eyes closed for 20 minutes, following the breath, perhaps repeating the word ‘life’ to oneself mentally.  The effects of the technique are described in this manner: “You will feel the surplus biogenic, life-generating forces from the vigorously-living young plant flowing continuously into your whole body; soon after this flowing sensation, you will feel a tingling sensation, especially through your spinal cord, and finally, this powerful lifestream will shake your whole body from time to time. After about 20 minutes, open your eyes, remove your palms and fingers from the plant, rest for a few minutes, and, refreshed, proceed with your daily activities. Repeat the whole procedure once more in the evening, preferably sometime before dinner (never after meals) and not just before retiring, as the powerful biogenic energy absorbed may keep you awake for several hours.”

After utilizing the plant in this way, it may be recommended to juice the shoots to obtain further vitamin and nutritional  benefits, though it may not be necessary.  Apparently, wheatgrass is a powerful life force generator both through consumption and through concentrated ‘absorption’ if you know what you are focusing upon.  The only way to know for sure if a meditation like this works in the way of rejuvenation, as suggested, is through self-trial and evaluation.  The Essenes were known to live longer than average life-spans, so perhaps this simple technique was one of their secrets to longevity and health.

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: Hippocrates Health Institute; Spirit of Maat; Community of Peace; Essene Gospel of Peace book 4; Essene Spirit; Art of Asha