Miley Cyrus Bottomless Jersey Look

Miley Cyrus Bottomless Jersey Look
Miley Cyrus is letting it all hang out in her bottomless jersey look. Apparently she clocked the amount of attention that Miss USA hopeful Stacie Juris got when she posed for a picture with fellow Miss USA wannabe Sarah Kidd in a hockey jersey sans pants. So she has been parading around town in a jersey with no pants on underneath, apparently.

The 20 year-old singer, decided to go one better and walke around in her tight Bulls number 23 jersey with apparently nothing underneath to cover her blushes should a high wind “blow up.” Showing off her long bare legs and very high heels.

With her video and single We Can’t Stop shooting up in the Billboard’s chart to number 5, it looks like she’s wearing the wrong jersey! Surely a number 5 would be in order here. But it’s not about the number, it’s all about the lack of pants.

In the former Hannah Montana star’s latest video, she manages to show as much skin as is possible with a lot of references to sex with whoever you want and those “drug” references. Miley seems to want to remind everyone that she’s not that Disney princess any longer. She’s grown-up and hot as hell.

In her latest vid, she switches between a skin tight leotard-like outfit and an array of very revealing clothing. With her walking around town in her bottomless jersey it looks like she’s saying that her lastest music video is close to the truth when it comes to her personal fashion!

Miley Cyrus sans pants?

While Miley decided to go “bare down there” for her sidewalk jaunt, she almost showed a lot more than her seemingly bare bottom. Cyrus surprised iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party prize winners in Miami, Fla. with an exclusive listening party in a private penthouse according to E!.

The surprise, as great as it was, was almost on Miley when her top began to slip off! One of those lucky prise winners, lept to the pop star’s rescue and refastened the top before Miley really let is all hang out!

Miley was quite calm and collected by the near-fashion disaster; she knows that wardrobe malfunctions are all part of the business, especially when you’re a female of the species. She laughed the incident off, much to the mutual amusement of the guests at the private penthouse do.

Miley bottomless?

While Miley almost had a topless moment, it seems that her small jersey with no knickers isn’t all it appears to not be. According to someone who could get up “close and personal” with the We Can’t Stop singer, she was wearing something over her nether regions after all.

A source said that she was actually wearing what seemed to be the world’s smallest pair of shorts under the number 23 jersey.

But Miley Cyrus shows that apart from flaunting a lot of skin, she has a sense of humour. According to E!, after her almost disastrous wardrobe malfunction she gave her “saviour” a signed poster that read, “Natalie! Twerk Bitch/Love, Miley/PS Sorry about da titties!”

So Miley Cyrus might look like she’s parading about town with no pants on, but she’s actually just showing the world her new bottomless jersey look!

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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