Whistleblower Edward Snowden Will be a Victim of a Corrupt Government

whistleblower-protectionPeter King, Lindsay Graham, and others in our federal government believe that violating the fourth amendment of the Constitution is okay, as long as it is to their benefit.  Because of theirs and efforts by others, most likely including the President, whistleblower Edward Snowden will be another victim of our corrupt federal government.

To many Americans, including myself, Snowden is a hero.  I want to believe that he did it for patriotic reasons, and I sincerely hope the facts will prove just that.  If he revealed the illegal and immoral program for less than virtuous reasons, I still cheer his actions.

Baby boomers, such as myself, have witnessed our beloved country devolve into a “big brother” society.  The President, Congress, and the Supreme Court exist for their own benefit.  Our democratic republic has failed, and doesn’t exist today.  We have no representation.

Snowden gave up a comfortable life, living in Hawaii, an excellent income, $200,000 a year, and his personal relationship to reveal a program that is illegal and unnecessary.

I allege that no American newspaper would have revealed the existence of PRISM.  The majority of the press in the United States is under the control of the federal government.  Revealing the truth is not their primary concern, selling advertising is.  The Guardian is a British publication, and therefore has no fear of retaliation by our government.

This program was one of our government’s greatest secrets.  Only a few in the Congress had knowledge of its existence, and they were sworn to secrecy.  However, it was not one of our country’s greatest secrets.  The disclosing of this program simply divulged its existence.  The expose provided no threat to national security.

Rand Paul was on FOX News Sunday.  I have many disagreements with the Senator from Kentucky.  On rare occasion, when one of our elected officials speaks the truth, we must listen.

I have witnessed several national scandals in my lifetime.  JFK had an affair with Marilyn Monroe.  Richard Nixon was forced to resign after ‘Watergate.’  Ronald Reagan attempted to hide the Iran-Contra scandal.  George Herbert Walker Bush ran away from Iraq, reneging on his promise to the Shiites after “Operation Desert Storm.”  Bill Clinton had oral sex in the White House.  And now a joint effort by George W. Bush and Barrack Obama are removing our right of privacy.

And this may be the most egregious of all, because it affects every citizen in the United States.

This PRISM program is not a counter-espionage program, or a covert operation to ascertain if North Korea actually plans to attack South Korea with nuclear weapons.  This is a violation of our constitutional rights.

Rand Paul is correct.  I sincerely hope he initiates his petition and pens the ‘Fourth Amendment Restoration Act.’

“This is what we objected to, and what our Founding Fathers partly fought the Revolution over,” Paul said. The founders, he said, didn’t want generalized warrants where soldiers could go house-to-house looking for things. Today, that is being done computer-to-computer, phone-to-phone without specifying who is being targeted, he said.

I fear for Edward Snowden.  Our government will be seeking revenge.  Although the entire situation is in its infancy, he will eventually be a victim of our corrupt government.

James Turnage

The Guardian Express

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  1. gstlab3   June 27, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    revolt and civil war are the only way out now.

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