Will Smith in old as time, new as day father son movie


After searching for the ‘Pursuit of Happyness’, Will Smith again teams up with son Jaden for After Earth.  The father son duo is coming here once again to tell the world the ‘old as time, new as day’ story of a father and his son.

This film takes place on earth thousands of years after planet has been uninhabitable for the human race. It’s trying to return to normal state; but it’s still very toxic and unsafe for humans as the air became unbearable ( It may remind you of recent Tom Cruise movie “Oblivion”).

Will describes it as Director M. night’s birthday gift, “I called to wish him happy birthday and he was like ‘Man, I don’t want your birthday wishes. Pitch me a movie we can do together. So, we started kicking ideas back and forth.”

Having explored many roads from  The Pursuit of  Happyness  to The Karate Kid, Will finally seems satisfied with Jaden’s evolution. But Will remained the perfectionist, “We were operating more as peers rather than as father and son”, he chirps. Smith might not have realized it, but in real life his story is old as time, new as day. Will says, though it’s sci-fi adventure he has never tried to hold back emotions. And he doesn’t want Jaden to create the life blocking off his emotions. “Jaden is intrinsically a lot more emotional than me”, proud daddy boasts of.

At 14, Jaden Smith has already worn many hats from acting to rapping to dancing to philanthropy. Now, he has a big summer movie ‘After Earth’ to explore. No wonder Jada Pinkett and Will Smith’s son says he loves his life. He wants to convey a particular message to love your earth; he wants people to know the strong environmental message. In his words, “I think it is extreme wake up call for ages because something like this could definitely happen to our world. I think that was subliminally another reason we made the film”.

Jaden is already a youth ambassador for Project Zambia that helps Zambian orphans.

And what does the proud daddy say? He is just overwhelmed with son’s energy and ‘will power’, “I watched him a couple of nights ago, walking into a party and there’s like real desire in him for the energy to be positive and to be memorable”.

Having a superstar dad, Jaden doesn’t miss growing up in a typical American way because he was never a kid who just wants to hang out, “Even when I am at home, I am working but I love it”.

So, in future days Will can gladly hope his son to be shinning in Hollywood and give something new to the world, to the movie and to the entertainment as this old as time, new as day father son movie touches audiences everywhere.


Written by: Jayeeta Shamsul

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