World War Z Red Carpet Premiere Cancelled in Brazil Due to Protestors

War World Z

Over the last few days Brazil has been in the news a lot. The amount of protestors who have taken to the streets in protests have been estimated to have reached a million in number. Kind of sounds like the zombie horde in World War Z, doesn’t it. Apparently the film’s studio felt the same. They’ve announced that the World War Z red carpet premiere in Brazil has been cancelled due to the amount of protestors.

World War Z is already in theaters in a lot of countries, though the promotional tour is still going on with producer and star Brad Pitt hitting the red carpet at premieres around the world. Unfortunately, one country will be missing the red carpet extravaganza because Paramount is concerned for the safety of their stars.

Paramount Pictures released a statement announcing that the red carpet premiere scheduled for Brazil will not go on as planned due to the widespread protests in the country. The statement reads, “In light of the current and ongoing events taking place in Brazil, we will not proceed with red carpet arrivals. Everyone involved with ‘World War Z’ send their respect and goodwill toward the people of Brazil at this time of national unrest.”

The protests began small after bus fares were increased in Sao Paulo, according to the Los Angeles Times. When law enforcement attempted to crack down on the movement, the sympathy that was generated led to much larger demonstrations.

Brazil has been the scene of record breaking protest rallies with over a million people across 100 cities demonstrating their anger and discontent with the government. Two people have been killed in the protests and dozens have been injured, despite reform promises by the country’s president.

Reports of the protests in the country have reflected a growing tendency towards violence from the rallying protestors. At one point, over a quarter of a million people took to the streets across Brazil to protest government corruption. A recent poll shows that 75 per cent of Brazilians support the demonstrations.

Later, reports of police clashes with the protestors turning violent in the cities of Belo Horizonte and Salvador began to surface.

Reports are also coming in that the situation is apparently getting out of control in Belo Horizonte according to a Globo reporter. Protesters are said to be setting fires and clashing with police. At least three demonstrators and four protesters have been injured so far. The Risoleta Neves hospital confirmed receiving a young woman with a head injury.

The Brazilian Government has now called in the military to help police monitor and ensure safety in tonight’s soccer game with Italy in Salvador de Bahia as protests continue to spread. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff tried to calm the protests through a televised address, promising new plans for public transport, the health care system and pumping oil royalties into education.

With the violence escalating in the South American country, Paramount obviously didn’t think it would be wise to send the film’s stars into a volatile situation that eerily seems to be mirroring the scenes of aggressive zombies flooding the streets in the film.

World War Z came in second at the weekend box office just behing the Disney/Pixar family film, Monsters University. Unfortunately the peaceful members of Brazil will have to attend another red carpet event after things have calmed down in their turbulent country.

With the cancellation of the World War Z red carpet premiere in Brazil due to the amount of protestors, Brad Pitt will be moving on to his next premiere event in support of his film.

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