Xbox One Can Beat PlayStation 4?

Xbox One Can Beat PlayStation 4?

E3 got underway this weekend. Now with the news of a new Xbox One that will be coming out ($499 price, November 2013). People are talking about it, but not everyone seems impressed by it. It does have on the card table with Smart TV capabilities and Kinect. But does it have the power to beat down Sony with their new PlayStation 4?

Ryse: Son of Rome was one of the games played, but it was more suited for the Kinect. It was visually appealing, but lacked gameplay.

Crimson Dragon: Being originally for the Xbox 360 the creators have updated the game for the Xbox One. The graphics have changed as well as gameplay.

Killer Instinct: With this game, it’s just an old fashioned fun fight game that comes with the graphics and feel (with the proper combo) of Street Fighter IV.

You say but wait doesn’t Microsoft’s joy the One won’t it still have some of those features from the 360. I’m glad to report that it will have social features as well, including: built in Skype, the capability to track Xbox Live trends, peering into your friend’s mind with what they are playing or watching the most of. With the greatness of One, you will also be able to multitask. With Smart Match, you can browse multiplayer games while spending time in other apps.

A feature that YouTubers will enjoy is that the Xbox One will automatically record the last few seconds of your gameplay. This again allowing you to flash your accomplishments until that time you get one flashed into your face. Twitch’s live-streaming capabilities will be available for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, they will be able to not only live stream their gameplay, with adding in the option of voice or video to the stream with Kinect, but it will also watch streams of others for those you are voyeurs. “He’s a peeping Tom.” Back to the Future come on love that movie.

Nevertheless, with the Xbox 360 giving gamers the red ring of death, gamers hope for no death for this next gen console.
But when it comes to something new comes a competitor to try to beat that of the latter.

Could the PlayStation 4 Come Out Ahead?

PlayStation 4 will have a lower price ($399, Holiday 2013) than the Xbox One and won’t restrict gamers from registering new games, as well as they won’t have to deal with not being able to play used games. (Microsoft said it’s up to the game’s publisher.) It will come with the Move controller and a new camera. But there isn’t confirmation that these two devices will be bundled unlike our friends at Microsoft.

Sony will again be different not in connecting the gamer to streaming services, but in the way that they use community and social networks. It will integrate things like Facebook, and live video chat. Something new as letting a gamer know when their friend has purchased a new game before that game is finished downloading.

The big change that will be with the Sony PlayStation 4 is that it will incorporate in the controller a share button. This is something that you see most commonly on Kodak products. This button will allow the game to broadcast live gameplay, take screenshot, or even sharing videos of their latest accomplishments within a game.

When it comes to games, you won’t be seeing one game finding itself on the others console there will be titles that one has already under their wing that won’t be traveling anytime to the other.

But when it comes down to guts well they are pretty danged similar.


Xbox One PlayStation 4
Price $499 $399
Availability November 2013 Holiday 2013
Blu-ray Yes Yes
Hard drive Built-in (500GB) Built-in (500GB)
Motion control New Kinect (bundled) Move controller
CPU 8-core x86 AMD 8-core x86 AMD
USB 3.0 Yes Yes
Wireless Yes (802.11n w/Wi-Fi Direct) Yes (802.11n)
Gigabit Ethernet Yes Yes
HDMI Yes (in and out) Yes
Suspend/resume game support Yes Yes
Background downloading Yes Yes
Native gameplay sharing (video) Yes Yes
Real-time gameplay steaming Yes (Twitch) Yes (Ustream)


But it will be up to gamers to decide which of the two be it, the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4, they will buy and which one will beat the other this holiday season.

By: Forrest L. Rawls 

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