6 Year Old’s Body Found in Trash Bin


1307160ahlittia-north-610p.photoblog600The body of 6 year old Ahlittia North was found in a trash bin Tuesday.  Authorities in Gretna, Louisiana had been searching for the little girl for three days.  She had been beaten, and ‘aggressively stabbed’ according to authorities.

20 year old Matthew Flugence was arrested Tuesday evening.  He will be charged with first degree murder.  There was also an outstanding warrant for his arrest in the case of an 11 year old girl who suffered sexual battery.  When Flugence was arrested, he was carrying a knife.

6 yeara old Ahlittia’s body was found just feet from her family’s apartmentin a trash bin.  She had disappeared either late Friday night, or early Saturday morning.

Alfred James reporting


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