Alzheimer’s Linked to Inadequate Sun Exposure

Alzheimer's Linked to Inadequate Sun Exposure
It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, the sun is out and sunscreen has been ‘trending’ on Google news for well over 90 days now.  There seems to be a huge programmed fear against the sun as a result of the increase in skin and other cancers over the years, even though it has been made clear time and again that it is over-exposure to the sun as well as repeated burning which contributes to melanoma and not the sun itself.  We need the vitamin D and other benefits that come with regular sun exposure as anyone with Seasonal Affective Disorder will tell you.  Now it is being shown that dis-eases such as Alzheimer’s are being linked with an inadequate amount of vitamin D from a lack of sun exposure.

We like to swing the pendulum in the western world from one extreme to the other.  It’s difficult for people to accept information unless it’s black or white – which makes staying healthy often difficult since every person is unique and individual.  However, it is pretty clear in the research that vitamin D is essential for so many bodily processes and a lack of it can contribute to not only Alzheimer’s but thyroid disorders, diabetes, arthritis, colitis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, kidney disease and yes – cancer.  So here people are trying to avoid the sun, apply sunscreen in attempts to avoid cancer and by so doing could actually be promoting cancer through denying the body of the essential vitamin D source.

It is true that you can take vitamin D supplements, though the recommended quantity that people are taking is only about 400 units which apparently, according to sources, isn’t nearly enough. Illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and others are being linked to the rise in very inadequate sun exposure so prominent in society today.  The foremost researcher on vitamin D and the effects on the body is Dr. Cannell – here is a short video of him discussing the importance of the sun and vitamin D intake:

If you are concerned with the health risks associated with the sun, there is more to worry about in terms of toxic sunscreens than harm from the sun itself – unless you are unreasonably exposing yourself to the point of repeated burns.  It is the same kind of rationale with other things in life.  If you over-do it on on coffee, you are going to see negative effects such as possible adrenal burnout; if you over consume sugar, problems arise such as the potential for diabetes and hypoglycemia.  Over doing exercise can pull a muscle and eating too much meat can result in kidney stones, gout and digestive upset including gas, obesity and over-acidity.  Too much ‘attention’ can kill a relationship and too much air can pop your tires.  Just the same, moderating the amount of sun exposure you get is not only healthy, but important to make sure you are getting enough sun, but not so much that you burn.

A recent study has found a very obvious connection to vitamin D in the blood and Alzheimer’s dis-ease, linking an inadequate sunlight to its potential  development. Lower levels of vitamin D were linked to lower cognitive abilities and evidence showed that vitamin D was more effective at preventing conditions such as Alzheimer’s than it was at reversing it.  So don’t fear the sun, just increase the awareness factor as to how much sun you are getting and keep the body charged up on solar energy without using carcinogenic sunscreens.  For a list of natural sunscreen alternatives see my previous article: Skin Cancer Prevention: Sunscreen or Vaccine? as well as more information in Sunscreen or Sun Screen?

Written by: Stasia Bliss

Sources: GreenMedInfo; Gaia Health